What male actor has been nominated for the most Oscars?

What male actor has been nominated for the most Oscars?

Jack Nicholson
Meryl Streep is the most-nominated actor of all with twenty one nominations. Jack Nicholson has received the most Academy Award nominations for any male actor with twelve nominations. Both actors have had three wins which included two for lead roles and one for a supporting role.

Who is the youngest male actor to receive an Oscar?

The youngest best actor Oscar winner was Adrien Brody, who was 29 when he took home the Academy Award for his role in The Pianist in 2002.

Was pig nominated for an Oscar?

Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor
Gotham Independent Film Award for Best FeatureIndependent Spirit Award for Best First ScreenplayIndependent Spirit Someone to Watch Award

Who are the top 30 male actors in their 30s?

Top 30 male actors in their 30ies. 1 1. Leonardo DiCaprio. Actor | Inception. Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo DiCaprio’s. DiCaprio has gone from 2 2. Christian Bale. 3 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 4 4. Jake Gyllenhaal. 5 5. Joaquin Phoenix.

Which actors started acting in their 30s or later?

Actors who started acting in their 30s or later. 1 1. George Wendt. Actor | Cheers. 2 2. David Strathairn. 3 3. Denis Leary. 4 4. Herb Edelman. 5 5. Emil Jannings.

Who is the Best Actor in the Oscars 2020?

Academy Award for Best Actor. The 2020 recipient: Joaquin Phoenix. Awarded for. Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. Country. United States. Presented by. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) First awarded.

Who has won the Oscar the most times?

Since its inception, the award has been given to 82 actors. Daniel Day-Lewis has received the most awards in this category, with three Oscars. Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier were nominated on nine occasions, more than any other actor.