What makes Franklin and Marshall unique?

What makes Franklin and Marshall unique?

With a distinctive approach to college housing, more than 140 active student clubs and organizations, dozens of club and intramural sports teams, its own art museum and writers’ enclave, and abundant opportunities to engage in volunteer service, Franklin & Marshall provides students with a vibrant campus life …

How many people go to Franklin and Marshall?

2,209 (2014)

Does Franklin and Marshall have engineering?

Franklin & Marshall – Engineering Dual Degree Information Session.

Does Franklin and Marshall have graduate programs?

I have identified here some Graduate Programs in Public Policy (Domestic), Public Administration, Public Health, Urban Planning, and International Relations. Also included is a brief list of summer programs in public policy and international relations. …

Does Franklin meet Marshall full need?

Franklin & Marshall College is among a select group of colleges—including the Ivy League and many leading liberal arts colleges and research universities—that dedicate their financial aid resources to need-based financial aid and meet the full demonstrated need of every student they accept for all four years.

Does Franklin and Marshall give merit scholarships?

Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania’s Amish region, ended almost all merit aid a few years ago and expanded grants for those in need, a pivot that powered a recruiting revolution with uncommon results. Some dangle “merit aid” to lure academic stars.

Does Franklin and Marshall have early action?

The regular decision application deadline is January 15. The Early Decision round 1 deadline is November 15, and the Early Decision round 2 deadline is January 15. All students who apply through regular decision are notified by April 1. All students who apply for Early Decision round 1 are notified on December 15.

Does Bucknell give merit money?

Scholarship Programs. Bucknell University’s merit awarding process is comprehensive, holistic and extremely competitive. Merit scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and are only available for incoming first-year students.

Does Colgate University give merit scholarships?

Colgate financial aid is awarded based on financial need; the university does not offer merit scholarships. Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid from Colgate and should continue to receive their home institution’s financial aid when appropriate.

Is Franklin and Marshall d1?

Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) is a private liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It employs 175 full-time faculty members and has a student body of approximately 2,400 full-time students….Franklin & Marshall College.

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