What kind of string is Wilson NXT?

What kind of string is Wilson NXT?

multifilament string
Featuring proprietary Xycro Micro-Fibers impregnated with PU for enhanced comfort and power, NXT is the world’s most popular multifilament string. Sporting a larger sweet spot than traditional synthetic gut string and a fraction of its shock, NXT has stood the test of time for good reason.

Are Wilson NXT strings good?

She said, “I found this to be a very comfortable string that was very easy on the arm. While I like to think I can hit the ball in the sweet spot every time, there are times when I hit off center. I think NXT is one of the more comfortable strings available. It is extremely easy on the arm and very soft to play with.

How long do Wilson NXT strings last?

Comments: The Wilson NXT 16 is a very soft string, providing great touch and feel. However, I don’t hit with a lot of power and play 2 to 3 times a week and the string lasted about 3 weeks. The 17 gauge string lasted about 10 days.

Is Wilson NXT gut?

Wilson’s premier multifilament synthetic gut, NXT Power offers an even closer to gut-like feel than regular NXT. NXT Tour also offers impressive durability for a multifilament. It’s an awesome choice for players of all levels and playing styles looking for near gut-like performance at half the cost.

Is Wilson NXT natural gut?

Power strings are typically made of either natural gut or nylon. The strings we’d recommend in this category are Wilson Synthetic Gut Power, Wilson NXT Power, or Luxilon Natural Gut.

How good is Wilson Wilson NXT?

Wilson NXT proved to be very generous in the power department. This kept Siobhan and her big strokes honest. She said, “My long and fast strokes fit better with polys or hybrids, so I came into this playtest not expecting magic, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Which Wilson synthetic strings are the best for You?

Receiving Wilson’s highest rating for playability and a strong rating for durability, NXT Power is a recommended synthetic for players looking for a gut like feel. Ultra thin 18g provides exceptional spin and feel. Formerly called NXT Tour (same string).

Does Wilson NXT have the bite of a tour bite?

Wilson NXT doesn’t have the bite of a Solinco Tour Bite or the snapback of an RPM Blast. This is fine with Siobhan, who reminds us that spin starts with the stroke. She said, “With my fast swing the spin was very free and easy to find.

Why NXT strings?

Unlike niche strings that excel only in one area and target a small group of players, NXT delivers the kind of performance that, like natural gut, cuts across ability levels. Perhaps this is why, for our team, the all-around playability and responsiveness prevailed in the end.