What kind of person is Robert Walton in Frankenstein?

What kind of person is Robert Walton in Frankenstein?

Not only does Walton wish for a companion but one who has certain characteristics – ‘gentle yet courageous, possessed of a cultivated as well as of a capacious mind’. He would want this person to agree or make minor adjustments to his plans but not, significantly, to stop him from pursuing his course.

What is the function of Robert Walton in Frankenstein?

Walton functions as the conduit through which the reader hears the story of Victor and his monster. However, he also plays a role that parallels Victor’s in many ways. Like Victor, Walton is an explorer, chasing after that “country of eternal light”—unpossessed knowledge.

Who is Walton in Frankenstein quizlet?

Terms in this set (36) Who is Robert Walton and what is revealed about his background? Robert Walton is the brother of Margaret Seville and is a wealthy explorer determined to go to the North Pole for knowledge. He got orphaned and learned all that he knew from his uncle who raised him.

What archetype is Robert Walton?

His character archetype is the Lost Soul because he is lonely, abandoned by his creator, and he has no certain aim in life. 3. Robert Walton is a self-educated and lonely researcher, who can be described as a light version of Victor. Walton is also possessed with an idea of making a discovery.

What is Walton looking for?

Walton is on an expedition to look for a passage through the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific Ocean via the seas of the North Pole.

How is Walton characterized?

Walton has a number of characteristics in common with Frankenstein himself: he exhibits a masculine desire to explore, discover, conquer and control. he pitches himself against nature in his search for a new northern sea passage.

What is Robert Walton’s description of the Arctic?

Although on some level Walton seems to understand that the Arctic is a place of “frost and desolation,” he imagines it to be a place of “beauty and delight,” revealing that he is optimistic and perhaps even a bit naïve.

How is Walton different victor?

Robert Walton is on a quest to unlock the secrets of the Arctic Circle, and Victor Frankenstein wants to experiment with the possibility of bringing the dead back to life. Victor has realized the horrors of how dangerous such a scheme can be, and now has a deep regret for his actions.

How does Walton describe Victor?

Walton describes Victor as a “stranger [who] addressed me in English, although with a foreign accent.” Two days pass before Victor begins to tell his story of how he came so far from land. ‘” Victor finds he cannot “begin life anew” because he has seen and experienced too much in his life.