What is via-T Spain?

What is via-T Spain?

Santander VIA-T is a payment device associated with a credit card that allows you to pay tolls in Spain and Portugal easily and worry free. It is a toll system that will facilitate your daily commutes and speed up toll queues on holidays.

How do I pay tolls from France to Spain?

On most autoroutes, you take a ticket when you enter the highway, and pay the toll when you exit. Look for a toll gate marked by a green downward-pointing arrow. The green arrow means all types of payment are accepted, including euro cash, credit/debit cards, and télépéage (electronic transponder).

How do I pay tolls in Spain?

How can tolls be paid in Spain? Motorway charges can be paid directly at toll gates by manual payment, i.e. by cash or credit card (accepted cards are not specified at autopistas.com), on-board toll unit Via-t and in some places also by mobile app Awai.

How do you pay motorway tolls in Spain?

There are two ways to pay for tolls: with card or cash manually, or electronically. On a toll road you are generally required to take a ticket from a booth when you enter the motorway, and then settle the amount of the toll at another booth as you exit, which will be determined by the ticket.

Can I buy a toll tag in France?

You can get a Toll Tag for all the motorways in France, and then use the special “t” toll-gate lanes at all toll plazas.

Are toll roads in Spain free?

As announced in January by the Spanish government, road sections belonging to four major motorways in Spain will become toll-free as of September 1st 2021. The total amounts to 477 km, almost 200km less than the 664km promised initially.

Do French tolls take credit cards?

You can pay for tolls by credit card or cash. Most tolls are now automated and unmanned but some of the really busy autoroutes do still have manned booths.

Are tolls expensive in Spain?

Spain has an excellent, fast motorway network and, unlike many European countries, a lot of the stretches are toll free. Part of the concessions for toll roads included the need for a free route to parallel the peaje roads meaning that it’s quite simple to avoid toll roads travelling through Spain.

Are toll roads in Spain now free?

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What is the Vía-T Tag?

The Tag allows users of certain vehicle types to use certain lanes of the motorway and parking facilities branded with the “Vía-T’ or ‘T’ or the ‘Via Verde’ sign within the Vía-T Network. Subscription for the Vía-T Service is conditional on us receiving and accepting your Application in accordance with these General Conditions.

What does Vía-T network mean?

” Vía-T Network ” means all motorway toll roads and parking facilities in Spain and Portugal branded with the “Vía-T’ or ‘T’ or the ‘Via Verde’ sign which have been equipped the Vía-T electronic toll collection system (“Vía-T Equipment”); ” Website ” has the meaning given to such term in clause 2.1.1;

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