What is Tree Fiddy?

What is Tree Fiddy?

It’s a phrase that simply means: “I ain’t giving you no tree dollars and fiddy cents you good damn Loch Ness Monster!” “I gave him a dollar” “She gives him a dollar” “He wouldn’t go away”

What episode is the Loch Ness Monster on South Park?

Season 3 E 3 • 04/21/1999. Chef’s parents arrive in South Park from Scotland fresh from an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster to attend Chef’s wedding.

Who voiced Chef’s parents?

Jerome “Chef” McElroy

Gender Male
Father Thomas McElroy
Mother Nellie McElroy
Voiced by Isaac Hayes
First Appearance Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

Who plays chef’s parents on South Park?

Thomas McElroy
Chef (South Park)

Jerome McElroy
Aliases Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali (in “Chef Goes Nanners”)
Occupation School Cafeteria chef
Family Nellie McElroy (mother) Thomas McElroy (father)
Nationality American

What episode of Southpark does Cartman get glasses?

The Succubus
The boys try to save Chef from a woman who is stealing him from them. Meanwhile, Cartman gets glasses.

Why was chef killed off South Park?

On March 13, 2006, Isaac Hayes was reported to have quit South Park over objections to the show’s attitudes toward and depiction of various religions, claiming that the show had crossed the line from satire into intolerance.

Who is the voice of Chef?

Isaac HayesSouth Park
Chef/Voiced by

What does tree fiddy mean?

“Tree Fiddy” is a catchphrase associated with a story about the Loch Ness Monster originally told in an episode of the animated television series South Park. In the context of forums and imageboard sites, the phrase serves as the anti-climactic punchline in bait-and-switch stories that abruptly end with Loch Ness Monster begging…

How much is tree fiddy worth?

treefiddy Three Dollars and fifty cents. Three Fifty three dolla’s and fifty cents, additionally if you ever see the loch ness monster DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY! $3.50 On south park, chef’s parents would often say the phrase “Tree Fiddy” refering to the amount of money, Three Dollars and Fifty Cents.

What is treefiddy Kyle?

Kyle: What’s treefiddy? Chef’s dad: Three dollars and fifty cents. Chef’s mom: Treefiddy. The Loch Ness Monster is a creature that is considered a cryptid since there is no empirical evidence supporting its existence.

What did chef’s dad say to treefiddy?

Treefiddy Stan: He wanted money? Chef’s dad: That’s right. I said “I ain’t giving you no treefiddy you goddam Loch Ness monster! Get your own goddam money!” Chef’s mom: I gave him a dollar Chef’s dad: She gave him a dollar Chef’s mom: I thought he’d go away if I gave him a dollar Chef’s dad: Well of course he’s not gonna go away!