What is TM 9-6150-226-13?

What is TM 9-6150-226-13?

TM 9-6150-226-13 0036 BASIC ISSUE ITEMS (BII) The only BII item authorized is TM 11-6150-226-13, Operator and Field Maintenance Manual for Distribution Illumination Systems, Electrical (DISE) and Power Distribution Illumination Systems.

How do you crimp TM 9-6150-226-13?

TM 9-6150-226-13 0029 1 HOLE Figure 4. Crimping Die 7. Use appropriate crimping die (See WP 0031) (Figure 4, Item 1) and install onto crimper so pin and hole align. Install retaining ring. 8. Slide pins onto cable wire and crimp in place. CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY WARNING

What is the 0012 (4) procedure in 9-6150-226-13?

0012-1 TM 9-6150-226-13 0012 (4) Procedure column. This column gives the procedure you must do to check or service the item listed in the Check/Service column to know if the equipment is ready or available for its intended mission or for operation.

How do you remove the outer cable jacket from a 9-6150 cable?

TM 9-6150-226-13 0029 200-amp, 8 -Pin/Wire, Cables. (a). Carefully cut and remove 4 inches of outer cable jacket from end of cable.