What is the zip code for Yucca AZ?

What is the zip code for Yucca AZ?

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What county is Yucca Valley CA in?

San Bernardino County
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Yucca Valley is an incorporated town located in San Bernardino County, California. The population is around 25,000 people and is close to twenty nine palms and north of Palm Springs.

What is the zip code for Joshua Tree California?

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Is Yucca valley a safe place to live?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Yucca Valley is 1 in 50. Based on FBI crime data, Yucca Valley is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to California, Yucca Valley has a crime rate that is higher than 55% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is it always windy in Yucca Valley?

Wind in Yucca Valley is usually moderate. The windiest month is May, followed by April and June.

What desert is Yucca Valley in?

Mojave Desert
Bordered in the west by the San Bernardino Mountains and in the south by the Joshua Tree National Park, the town of Yucca Valley is located in the Mojave Desert at roughly 3,300 feet (1,000 m) above sea level.

What is the zip code for Morongo Valley California?

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What is the ZIP code for 29 Palms CA?

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Is Yucca Valley a good area?

Yucca Valley is in the 32nd percentile for safety, meaning 68% of cities are safer and 32% of cities are more dangerous. The rate of crime in Yucca Valley is 35.28 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Yucca Valley generally consider the south part of the city to be the safest.

Is Yucca Valley a good place to retire?

Yucca Valley used to be an awesome place to live for families or retirees, but since we have an influx of criminals and parollees, crimes and robberies have gone up dramatically. Crime is increasing! Run, don’t walk away from here. Used to be a somewhat sleepy, affordable area to live.

How hot does it get in Yucca Valley California?

34°F to 95°F
Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Yucca Valley California, United States. In Yucca Valley, the summers are hot, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are cold, dry, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 34°F to 95°F and is rarely below 26°F or above 101°F.

What months does it snow in Yucca Valley?

The month with the highest snowfall is December (1.73″). Months with the least snowfall are March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October (0″).