What is the word for very important?

What is the word for very important?

big, critical, crucial, decisive, essential, extensive, far-reaching, great, imperative, influential, large, meaningful, necessary, paramount, relevant, serious, significant, urgent, vital, effective.

What is the full meaning of ever?

1 : always ever striving to improve the ever-increasing population. 2a : at any time more than ever before. b : in any way how can I ever thank you.

Is all-important one word?

extremely or vitally important; essential.

What are the six types of definitions?


  • 1.1 Real and nominal definitions.
  • 1.2 Dictionary definitions.
  • 1.3 Stipulative definitions.
  • 1.4 Descriptive definitions.
  • 1.5 Explicative definitions.
  • 1.6 Ostensive definitions.
  • 1.7 A remark.

What type of word is ever?

language note: Ever is an adverb which you use to add emphasis in negative sentences, commands, questions, and conditional structures. Ever means at any time. It is used in questions and negative statements.

What is mean by where ever?

You use wherever to indicate that something happens or is true in any place or situation. Some people enjoy themselves wherever they are. Jack believed in finding happiness wherever possible. You use wherever when you indicate that you do not know where a person or place is.

What’s the meaning of high priority?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English high priority (also high on the list/agenda) important and needing to be done or dealt with quickly Most people feel that education needs to be given higher priority. Arms control is high on the agenda.

What is life and death meaning?

/ˌlaɪf.ənˈdeθ/ (also life-or-death) involving the possibility that someone will die: We were now in a life-and-death situation.

Why is a definition important?

But why is a definition so important? Because definitions enable us to have a common understanding of a word or subject; they allow us to all be on the same page when discussing or reading about an issue.

What does only ever mean?

4. “Ever” is an intensifier, with its proximity to “only” adding to its effect. Grammatically, these mean the same thing. “I only ever clean my car when the sun is high” “I only clean my car when the sun is high, ever.” It functions similarly to “at all”

What is medium priority?

Medium Priority means an isolated issue (one agency, small subset of events) that prevents import, search, or export of events or cases. Sample 2.

What is the meaning of the word important?

Definition of important. 1 : marked by or indicative of significant worth or consequence : valuable in content or relationship. 2 : giving evidence of a feeling of self-importance. 3 obsolete : importunate, urgent. Synonyms & Antonyms Importantly vs. Important: Usage Guide Example Sentences Learn More about important.

What is the meaning of all important question?

Definition of all-important. : of very great or greatest importance an all-important question.

What is the meaning of importantmattering much?

mattering much (usually followed by to): details important to a fair decision. entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice: an important exception. prominent or large: He played an important part in national politics. of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position: an important scientist.

Which is more important more importantly or more important?

Today, more importantly is the more common, even though some object to its use on the grounds that more important is an elliptical form of “What is more important” and that the adverb importantly could not occur in such a construction.