What is the T-2000 in Terminator 2000?

What is the T-2000 in Terminator 2000?

The Washington-Compound Terminator 2000 series, model 105 (Or simply T-2000) is an advanced cybernetic organism that was created by Skynet and sent back in time to kill John Connor, the leader of the human resistance. It serves as the main antagonist of Terminator: Carnage, and is portrayed by Matt Damon

Is it possible to reprogram a T-1000 Terminator?

You can help Terminator Wiki by expanding it. The novel series Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles is by far the only Terminator fiction mentioned that a T-1000 Terminator is able to be reprogrammed.

What is the T-1 terminator?

Following on from the prototype of the classic T-800, we’ve got another primitive model. The T-1, as the name implies, was the first Terminator class machine Skynet created, and wasn’t nearly as refined as the cyborg models that would come later. RELATED: Predator Vs. Terminator: Who’s the Deadliest Hunter?

What is the T-1000 Terminator made of?

Composed entirely of mimetic polyalloy, the T-1000 Terminator is a metallic mass, thus making it electrically conductive. However, unlike endoskeleton-based Terminators, the T-1000 can withstand a high-voltage charge without being knocked offline.


What did the T-2000 do to the T800?

The T-2000 called for backup, resulting in a circle of police squadrons to encircle the asylum, sending troops into the asylum to kill the T-800. The T-2000 took part in a fierce gun battle between Sarah, John and the T-800 versus the police and the T-2000.

Who uses the unholtz-Dickie T2000?

The T2000 Series is used by many different industries with a proven track record of unmatched and as yet unchallenged performance and long term reliability. The Induct-A-Ring (IAR) armature is part of an advanced shaker design available only from Unholtz-Dickie.

What is a T2000 series shaker system?

This unique solid metal armature provides electrical simplicity and mechanical durability benefits (not available with traditional armature designs) that together make the T2000 Series Systems the most reliable, high-performance shaker systems in the world.