What is the strongest stretch wrap?

What is the strongest stretch wrap?

Ninety-gauge is considered the starting point for heavy-gauge stretch wrap, which tend to much stronger and more resistant to punctures, tears and other damage. Typically, 90-gauge film is rated for loads up to 2,600 lbs.

How do you calculate stretch film?

Determine Stretch Film Usage

  1. Step 1 – Determine the amount of film used each revolution.
  2. Step 2 – Convert Inches of film used per revolution to ft.
  3. Step 3 – Multiple the number of revolutions by the amount of film used each revolution.

How thick is stretch wrap?

Typical gauges for stretch film or pallet wrap range from 63 to 80 gauge, though some lighter gauges do exist. This level of thickness ensures that the wrap can stretch taut to your products without the risk of puncturing.

What does gauge mean in stretch wrap?

Gauge is one way to measure the thickness of a material. Stretch wrap typically comes in gauges ranging from 37 to 150. Gauge can be converted into mils, microns or other units. If you need to convert stretch wrap thickness to other measurement units, this handy conversion chart can help.

What is stretch film Micron?

Micron stretch film is a film in-between the “true gauged” stretch film and the Hybrid stretch film. It is a multi-layered film that offers excellent cling, stretch, and tear resistance. It provides users the ability to reduce costs while staying confident about load security.

What is 80 gauge stretch wrap?

The standard for years was a true 80 gauge stretch wrap with up to a 200% stretch. That means when the film is applied properly, it can be stretched up to 200% of its original length. Even this standard can vary depending on the type of extrusion process.

How do you calculate film microns?

Note: A mil is a common unit of thickness measurement for plastic film and is equal to 0.001 inches. For plastic film it is also commonly called gauge, and 0.01 mil = 1 gauge = 0.254 microns. Therefore, 1 mil = 25.4 microns.

How much is a pallet of stretch film?

How Many Pallets Will a Roll of Stretch Wrap Cover?

Roll Size Estimated Stretch Rate Estimated Number of Pallets Per Roll of Stretch Film
18”x1000′ Hand Stretch Film Roll 70% 8.76
15”x1500′ Hand Stretch Film Roll 70% 11.91
12”x1500′ Hand Stretch Film Roll 70% 10.4
20”x5000′ Machine Stretch Film Roll 250% 95.10

Which is better cast or blown stretch wrap?

Cast stretch film has less memory and tear resistance than blown stretch film. Blown Stretch Wrap- Also referred to as blown stretch wrap, is manufactured using the blown extrusion process. Advantages of Blown Stretch Wrap- Offers higher load and stretch capacity. Blown stretch film is a premium quality film.

Where can I use stretch film?

Stretch wrapping is ideal for protecting and securing large items for transport. Movers often use stretch film to protect furniture from scratches and scrapes during the move. It also holds drawers shut, so you can move objects like dressers or file cabinets without removing items from the drawers.

How thick is 90 gauge stretch?

Stretch Wrap Gauge Thickness Conversion Chart

Gauge Mil Inch
80 .80 .0008
90 .90 .0009
100 1.0 .0010
120 1.2 .0012

What is the difference between gauge and micron?

Measuring is gauge is the more traditional imperial measurement of polythene whereas micron is the new metric standard. One common ground between the measurements is, the larger the micron/gauge/millimeter the thicker the polythene. The gauge of polythene can be converted to micron by dividing by 4.

What are the different sizes of stretch film?

Popular Stretch Film Sizes. 5″ x 1000′ x 80Ga. – Common bundling film size often used to secure two or more products together. 18″ x 1500′ x 80Ga. – Superior hand pallet wrap offering excellent stretch and puncture resistance. 18″ x 1500′ x 63Ga. – An excellent option for customers looking to reduce hand stretch film costs. 18″ x 1500′ x 47Ga.

What is the difference between Micron and hybrid stretch film?

The primary difference between the two is the number of layers and the resin formulas. Hybrid rolls are thinner and made of more layers during the extrusion process. Micron rolls are in between the true gauged film and the hybrid stretch film thickness. It does not offer as many layers but does have more stretch than the hybrid film.

What is stretch film conversion and how does it work?

Stretch film conversion is a process commonly done after the extrusion of stretch film. The conversion process enables end-users to have a variety of widths and […] Asymmetrical Load- An unevenly aligned pallet load. Asymmetrical loads are more prone to toppling than symmetrical pallet loads.

What is variablevented stretch film?

Vented stretch film is an 80 gauge stretch film with die-cut holes allowing products to breathe when palletized. Ideal for allowing firewood to cure and moisture to escape from fully loaded pallets.