What is the poetic device in Where the Sidewalk Ends?

What is the poetic device in Where the Sidewalk Ends?

By employing assonance and alliteration, Shel Silverstein incorporates both music and melody into his poem “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” These are two techniques that enhance meaning. With both assonance and alliteration, Silverstein has a flow of sound and a rhythm that moves the poem lightly and rapidly at some points.

How do the children contribute to the theme of the poem?

how do the children contribute to the theme of the poem in Where the Sidewalk Ends? It’s children who spend more time than anyone else on the sidewalk, riding bikes or playing hopscotch. So it’s children who discover the way to the place where the sidewalk ends and the imagination begins.

What is the age range for Where the Sidewalk Ends?

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Where the Sidewalk Ends meaning?

‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’ is a three-stanza poem that depicts the adult world as something harsh and demanding, in contrast to a more childlike mentality that can provide a break from the responsibilities and pressures of being an adult.

How does the point of view differ between the speaker and the person he is speaking to?

Ultimately, the speaker’s point of view shows that he is open to imaginative adventures while the person he speaks to (extending to the audience) is grounded in a more bleak reality, and the speaker encourages all of us to see the hopeful and imaginative world which children are so connected to.

What different tones are there in writing?

Types of Tone in Writing

  • Formal.
  • Informal.
  • Optimistic.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Joyful.
  • Sad.
  • Sincere.
  • Hypocritical.

What is the metaphor in Where the Sidewalk Ends?

In the poem Where the Sidewalk Ends, author Shel Silverstein is essentially suggesting that there is a magical place that children know of “where the sidewalk ends.” That place represents childhood, its innocence, and its fundamentally different way of looking at the world (as opposed to the way that adults view it).

What is tone and mood of a story?

The mood is how YOU feel when YOU are reading the story. The tone is the author’s feelings through writing. The tone makes you feel a certain way, which is your mood.

Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein analysis?

He opines that only children actually know the place. He is simply referring to the joyful and stress-free world of children. The poet encourages adult to behave like children so that can get to the place where the sidewalk ends. In all, the “Where the Sidewalk Ends” can be interpreted as a place of joy and peace.