What is the PC master race?

What is the PC master race?

The PC Master Race (abbreviated PCMR ), sometimes referred to by its original phrasing as the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, is an internet subculture, internet community, and a tongue-in-cheek term of superiority for PC gaming used among gamers to compare PC gaming to console gaming.

Which companies have partnered with PC master race?

Since 2015, several large technology companies have partnered with the PC Master Race group to organize contests, events and giveaways, such as AMD, Corsair, Cooler Master, Oculus VR, NZXT, and Nvidia.

What is rgbglorious PC gaming race?

Glorious PC Gaming Race was started by PC gamers, for PC gamers. Providing hardware & accessories engineered for elite-level performance, premium quality, and every-man affordability. The full sized, RGB customizable, world’s first modular mechanical gaming keyboard that everyone is talking about.

What is a’master race’?

Sometimes used as with pride, sometimes used with derision, the term ‘master race’ has become a common one to describe those PC gamers who love to Lord it over the plebs, revelling in their glowing hardware and hi-res textures. ^ a b Croshaw, Ben (January 23, 2008).

What is the’master race’in the United States?

‘Master race’ in the United States. The Richmond Whig in 1862 proclaimed that “the master race of this continent is found in the southern states”, and in 1863 the Richmond Examiner stated that “there are slave races born to serve, master races born to govern” .

What is the master race in Nazi Germany?

The master race (German: Herrenrasse, also referred to as Herrenvolk “master people”) is a concept in Nazi ideology in which the putative Nordic or Aryan races, predominant among Germans and other northern European peoples, are deemed the highest in racial hierarchy.

What is the glorious PC gaming master race?

The term “The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” was used as an ironic expression to describe PC Gamers by game reviewer and comedic writer “Yahtzee” on a review for The Witcher. “Quite some time ago I coined a phrase in Zero Punctuation