What is the Molex connector on a motherboard for?

What is the Molex connector on a motherboard for?

Certain Molex connectors are used for providing power to the motherboard, fans, floppy disk drive, CD/DVD drive, video card, some older hard drive models, and more. Compatible connectors are available from many manufacturers, not just Molex and AMP.

How do I identify a Molex connector?

The Molex connector is one where the male/female terminology is a bit odd. The female connector is usually found on the end of a cable, and it slips inside of a plastic shell which surrounds the male pins on the male connector.

Are Molex connectors still used?

It can be used to power fans, hard drives, etc. Now, people mostly use SATA Power connectors instead of molex; however, molex is still widely used.

What are 4-pin Molex connectors used for?

The standard “Molex” 4-pin connector is a power connector used in computers to power peripheral data drives. It has a 5V and 12V power supply, and ground wires for each. For modern computers, SATA is the common protocol, and most new drives use a SATA power connector, so the Molex connector is becoming obsolete.

How many Molex connectors does a PSU have?

Yes, from the product page you can see that it includes support for up to 6 molex connectors.

How many watts can Molex handle?

54 watts
The ATX standard for SATA or Molex connections is rated for 54 watts. Each SATA/Molex connector provides three 12v pins at 1.5 amps each, for a total of 4.5 amps. 12 volts, times 4.5 amps, equals 54 watts able to be provided by a SATA/Molex connector. Some PCIe risers do not conform to ATX specifications.

How do I connect Molex connectors?

the molex connectors are to connect the fans directly to the PSU. The female part of the Fan-Molex-Connector to the male connector of the PSU. The male part of the fan is just so you don’t lose a connector by using the fan and can connect to any other molex female connector in your setup to supply power.

How many fans can one Molex power?

It’s “safe” in as much as two fans which typically draw a fraction of an amp, won’t come close to overloading the wiring or the PSU. With proper wiring you could safely run many more than two fans off one PSU Molex connector.

Can you repair a Molex connector?

Molex is a company that manufactures a variety of different types of electrical connectors that are used for applications such as computers and electronic devices. Fortunately, Molex connectors are actually pretty easy to open up so you can examine the pins and replace them if they’re damaged or worn out.

Why choose Molex board-in connectors?

Ideal for simple and permanent connections, Molex’s Board-in connectors provide a wide range of pitch options, mating configurations and circuit sizes that offer reliability versus hand-soldering If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Does Molex make wire-to-wire connectors?

Molex has a variety of wire-to-board connectors that offer a wide range of solutions for high-power or microminiature applications. Find the wire-to-wire connector that best fits your application needs. Molex has a variety of wire-to-wire connectors that offer a wide range of versatile power and sealed solutions.

Why Molex slimstack connectors?

As consumers continue to demand smaller devices, the need for microminiature designs grow. Molex’s SlimStack Connectors can meet these low-profile needs with pitch sizes as small as 0.35mm, mated heights as low as 0.60mm, and widths as narrow as 2.00mm.

What are the different types of board-to-board connectors?

Molex offers a wide variety of Board-to-Board Connectors for microminiature, high-speed, high-density, and high-power applications, such as stacking, mezzanine, coplanar, orthogonal and PCB connectors