What is the main message of All My Sons?

What is the main message of All My Sons?

The main themes in All My Sons are responsibility, death, and the American dream. Responsibility: Chris learned about personal responsibility in combat, whereas Joe allowed his financial obligations to his family to overwhelm his morals.

What does Chris tell Ann about his war memories?

it was planted in memory of Larry. What does Chris tell Ann about his war memories? He feels guilty ( surviver’s guilt ) and he does not like the way society is responding to the war. Why is Frank making a horoscope?

What does Ann make clear to Kate What does this reveal about her personality?

What goes Ann make clear to Kate? What does this reveal about her personality? Ann makes it clear to Kate she no long misses Laryy. She says she doesn’t live in the past and wants to live in the present.

What is mother’s explanation to why she thinks Larry is alive?

She says it’s ridiculous to believe that Larry is alive and will come back after three years. “Because certain things can never be”. How does mother explain her belief that Larry is not dead? She sees it as a law of nature (חוק טבע) or a law of god.

What are some symbols in All My Sons?

In All My sons by Arthur Miller, the usage of symbolism is used in a post war world to show the death of a son and a community’s disregard for the truth. Symbols include an apple tree and a jail created by the patriarch of the Keller family. The neighborhood is living in a time period following World War II.

What does the Apple signify for Kate?

The the apple tree foreshadows some kind of break in the relationship between Larry’s mother, who still believes he is alive, and also the blossoming relationship between Chris and Ann.

What does the tree Symbolise in All My Sons?

Larry’s Tree Symbol Analysis. Larry’s disappearance in the war is one of the Keller family’s great traumas. In this way, the tree serves a complex symbolic purpose: it is planted to symbolize Larry’s life, but in fact it underscores, to Kate, the idea that many believe Larry to be already dead and gone.

What does the storm symbolize in All My Sons?

By Arthur Miller It’s a polarizing fixture of the Kellers’ backyard, and a symbol of the complex attachment characters have to Larry’s memory. Kate is relieved when lightning strikes it down, a sign that Larry is still alive, that they tried to bury him too soon.