What is the job outlook for a clinical research coordinator?

What is the job outlook for a clinical research coordinator?

There are currently an estimated 56,700 clinical research coordinators in the United States. The clinical research coordinator job market is expected to grow by 9.9% between 2016 and 2026.

How do I become a good Clinical Research Coordinator?

7 Steps to Train a Super Clinical Research Coordinator

  1. Establish and maintain a Relationship With Your Clinical Research Coordinators.
  2. Invest in your coordinators.
  3. Communicate expectations.
  4. Recognize good work.
  5. Remind Your Coordinators what they are working toward.

Is clinical research coordinator a good job?

Great positions are not limited to Clinical Research Associates, however. Clinical Research Coordinator positions are exciting roles for individuals interested in the health care field and want to pursue a rewarding line of work.

Is a clinical research coordinator a good career?

Is clinical research associate higher than coordinator?

Because CRAs manage multiple trial sites at one time, have a bachelors degree (minimum), and produce outcomes that are cost-effective for improving the efficiency of a trial; clinical research associates usually get paid more than coordinators.

What is the job description of a clinical research coordinator?

As a Clinical Research Coordinator at TTSH, Ophthalmology Dept, your job responsibilities include: 1. Assist Principal Investigator in research activities… The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) is a specialized research professional working with and under the direction of the clinical Principal Investigator…

How long does a clinical research coordinator contract last?

Clinical Research Coordinator (Specialist Associate) Contract Duration: 6 month Working Hour: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Working Location:… Assist principal investigators and research teams in the conduct / implementation of all aspects of clinical research / clinical trials Venepuncture,…

What does a clinical research associate do?

Support and assist the PI in their effort in designing, planning, monitoring, and coordinating industry sponsored and clinical research trials. Coordinate… You will support the principal investigators of clinical research studies by facilitating study matters to ensure proper conduct and implementation of all…

What does aregional sales manager (clinical research) do?

Regional Sales Manager (Clinical Research) [NEW POSITION!] In this role, you will be leading a team of Account Executives and driving the team in achieving sales targets and KPIs for the Clinical Research product…