What is the function of the spleen?

What is the function of the spleen?

The spleen participates in the creation of blood cells and also helps to filter out the blood, removing old blood cells and fighting infection.

What are Oceanospirillales?

The Oceanospirillales are an order of Proteobacteria with ten families. [2] Bacteria in the [] (E/-\\|\\| []$|>||≥|_|_/-\\|_E$ are metabolically and morphologically diverse, with some able to grow in the presence of oxygen and others requiring an anaerobic environment. [3]

Are bacteria in the Oceanospirillales motile?

Bacteria in the Oceanospirillales are motile except for those in the genus Alcanivorax.

What are the blood vessels that supply the spleen?

Blood vessels. The arterial supply of the spleen comes from the tortuous splenic artery, which reaches the spleen as it travels through the splenorenal ligament. This artery emerges from the celiac trunk, which is a branch of the abdominal aorta . The venous drainage of the spleen occurs via the splenic vein,…

Why is the spleen not a necessary organ?

As a spleen becomes enlarged, it becomes more fragile and is more likely to be damaged in an accident. As the spleen is not the only organ responsible for any of these functions, the spleen is not a necessary organ. It is possible to have the spleen removed and live a healthy life.

How do I specify a material property in COMSOL Multiphysics®?

In COMSOL Multiphysics®, you can use Interpolation, Analytic, and Piecewise Functions to specify a material property. Interpolation Functions can be used to describe material properties that are defined by a table or file containing values of the function at discrete points.

What is a splenectomy and how does it work?

The spleen has a high amount of blood flow, which can lead to a tremendous amount of bleeding when there is a serious injury and the bleeding can quickly become life-threatening. When this happens, the treatment is a splenectomy, the surgical procedure to remove the spleen.