What is the difference between TollTag and ZipCash?

What is the difference between TollTag and ZipCash?

What is the difference between a TollTag and ZipCash? TollTag customers save time and money by maintaining a prepaid account to cover the cost of tolls. TollTag customers pay the lowest rates—ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more. ZipCash is NTTA’s electronic toll collection process for non-TollTag customers.

Where can I buy a Texas TollTag?

TxTag can be bought by calling the TxTag customer service center toll free at TxTag phone number- 1-888-468-9824 for local users and 001-214-210-0493 or international customers.

How do I pay my Texas TollTag?

There are multiple ways to pay your TxTAG toll bill, including online at TxTAG.org, or calling the TxTag Customer Service Center (CSC) by dialing (888) 468-9824 during the business hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday for assistance. International customers call 001-214-210-0493.

Which TollTag is best in Texas?

Do I pick EZ Tag or TxTag?

  • EZ Tag can be used in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas and costs $15 for the tag.
  • TxTag (pronounced Tex-tag) is good for the entire state and does not cost money for the tag.

What is NTTA ZIP cash?

ZipCash offers a pay-by-mail option at higher rates for customers who do not have a TollTag. TollTag customers receive the lowest toll rates on NTTA roads; ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more than TollTag users. ZipCash is just one of two ways to pay for NTTA toll road use.

Is NTTA and EZ tag the same?

Yes. All Harris County operated toll road lanes designated with an EZ TAG-ONLY sign will also accept your TxTag or NTTA TollTag for payment, provided your account is in good standing and the vehicle’s license plate is registered with your tag. Valid toll tags will be charged the EZ TAG rate where applicable.

Can you buy HEB toll tag Texas?

It’s time to get your EZ TAG. Users can open an EZ TAG account backed by a credit card or bank account, or buy the new EZ TAG powered by BancPass at local H-E-B® and Corner Stores and reload with cash at any H-E-B® or CVS Pharmacy®.

How much does a Texas tag cost?

Registration Fees

Fee Amount
Registration Fee $51.75
Local Fee $10.00
Special Plates Fee(s) $0.00
Inspection Fee $7.50

Can I pay Texas tolls online?

You can pay for toll roads in Texas electronically with the TxTag, EZ Tag, TollTag, PIKEPASS or K-Tag, depending on where you are driving. Pay by Plate is also available on all toll roads.

What happens to unpaid tolls in Texas?

Legal Action. Under Texas law, someone who fails to pay a toll may be charged with a criminal misdemeanor for toll evasion under Chapter 370.11 of the Texas Transportation Code. If found guilty, the registered owner of the vehicle can face fines of up to $250 per unpaid toll in addition to court administrative fees.

Is Ntta and EZ TAG the same?

Can I get an EZ TAG at HEB?

How to purchase toll tag?

– Getting a Toll Tag – Order Online. Our online ordering process is the easiest way to get started with FasTrak. – Purchase Retail. Some Costco and Walgreens locations have toll tags available for pick-up and immediate use. – Order by Phone. Order additional toll tags for an existing FasTrak account by calling our 24-hour automated system. – To Order by Mail. You can order a FasTrak toll tag through US mail by printing and mailing in a FasTrak application form.

How to get toll tag?

· Open your account online or visit one of our TollTag retail locations to get your TollTag today. Customers are required to maintain a positive account balance, which can be monitored via our Tollmate app or our online Customer Service System. Accounts can be secured with a credit or debit card, and cash.

Where to buy Texas toll tags?

Where can I buy a Texas toll tag? In PersonAt the TxTag Customer Service Center (CSC) in Austin, where cash, check, money order and credit card payments are accepted. … Sign up for a TxTag at any of the AAA locations throughout Texas. …

How to get a Texas toll tag?

Choose which toll road car tag you want. Texas has 3 different car tags used to pay for tolls.

  • Order your tag from a transportation agency. The Texas Department of Transportation offers TxTags.
  • Sign up for an online account.
  • Clean your front windshield off with a glass cleaner.
  • Position the tag behind the rearview mirror.