What is the definition of spoils of war?

What is the definition of spoils of war?

In contrast, U.S. law defines the concept of “spoils of war” in 50 U.S.C. § 2204 as “enemy movable property lawfully captured, seized, confiscated, or found which has become United States property in accordance with the laws of war.” That statute tracks with the still-in-effect Hague Regulations of 1907.

What is the definition of a person being spoiled?

When a person is spoiled, they’re damaged by having been given everything they want. Spoiled people are usually pretty rotten. When food is spoiled, it’s also rotten—literally. A spoiled child typically whines for something and gets it, becoming used to that kind of over-indulgent treatment.

Where does the word spoiled come from?

The word spoil comes from the Old French espoillier, to plunder. In fact, things taken by force are called spoils, like the spoils of war.

What are the spoils of battle?

(4) the term “spoils of war” means enemy movable property lawfully captured, seized, confiscated, or found which has become United States property in accordance with the laws of war.

What are examples of spoils of war?

For instance, if U.S. troops defeat an enemy, the spoils of war would be the enemy’s weapons, which are then available to the U.S. soldiers for the taking. A soldier can then bring back, for example, one of the enemy’s cannons as a prize of war.

What does spoil a girl mean?

3 verb If you spoilyourself or spoil another person, you give yourself or them something nice as a treat or do something special for them. (=pamper)

Can you spoil yourself?

There are many ways to spoil yourself. It all depends on what you consider to be a treat. Try spoiling yourself by planning a whole day of fun or relaxing activities. You might also spoil yourself by starting a self-care practice or buying yourself something special.

What is the meaning of collateral damage?

Definition of collateral damage : injury inflicted on something other than an intended target specifically : civilian casualties of a military operation.

What is the synonym of spoil?

go bad, go off, go rancid, turn, go sour, sour, go mouldy, moulder, become addled, curdle, become rotten, rot, perish, decompose, decay, putrefy.

How do you spoil a woman?

Wife appreciation: 5 easy ways to spoil your spouse and show them how much you care

  1. Pick Up Her Portion of the Chores.
  2. Surprise Your Wife with Random Gifts.
  3. Tell Your Wife How Much You Appreciate Her.
  4. Spend Quality Time Together.
  5. Show Her Some Love and Affection.

Is it spoiled or spoilt?

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense spoils , present participle spoiling , past tense, past participle spoiled , past tense, past participle spoilt language note: American English uses the form spoiled as the past tense and past participle. British English uses either spoiled or spoilt.

What were the spoils of war in WW1?

World War I. Spoils of war. The Stone of Scone, aka Stone of Destiny, (and the Lia Fail) was used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland. In 1296, Edward I of England took it as part of the spoils of war from Scone Abbey in Scone, near Perth, Scotland to Westminster Abbey to use as The Coronation Stone for English coronations.

What is spoils in history?

1. spoils. a. Goods or property seized from a victim after a conflict, especially after a military victory. b. Incidental benefits reaped by a winner, especially political patronage enjoyed by a successful party or candidate. 2. An object of plunder; prey. 3. Refuse material removed from an excavation.

Who is the artist of spoils of war?

Spoils of war, women taken prisoner, painting by Enrique Serra Auqué (1859-1918) was a Spanish painter and illustrator.

What is the verb for spoiled?

v. spoiled or spoilt (spoilt), spoil·ing, spoils. v. tr. 1. a. To impair or destroy the quality or value of; ruin: spoiled the dish by adding too much salt.