What is the best school in Quebec?

What is the best school in Quebec?

Sacred Heart School of Montreal

School Location
1 Sacred Heart School of Montreal ✝ Montreal, QC
2 Bishop’s College School Sherbrooke, QC
3 Selwyn House School Westmount, QC
4 Study Westmount, QC

What is the best public high school in Quebec?

Ten fastest-improving secondary schools in Quebec Overall, the highest-ranked schools in the province on the Fraser Institute’s list are French schools College Pasteur (9.6) in Montreal, Ecole d’education international in Laval (9.6) and College Regina Assumpta (9.4) in Montreal.

What is the biggest high school in Quebec?

Saint Thomas High School is the second largest high school operated by the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal….St. Thomas High School (Quebec)

Saint Thomas High School École secondaire Saint-Thomas
Principal Marie-Josée Coiteux
Grades Secondary I-V
Enrollment 1355

Where are the best schools in Montreal?

Best schools in Montreal and Quebec considered by expats

  • Bishop’s College School.
  • Centennial Academy.
  • Champlain College Saint-Lambert.
  • Dawson College (CEGEP)
  • F.A.C.E.
  • John Abbott College (CEGEP)
  • Kells Academy.
  • Kuper Academy.

What is the largest school board in Quebec?

The English Montreal School Board
The English Montreal School Board (EMSB), which is located on the island of Montreal, is the largest public English School Board in the Province of Quebec.

How many high schools are in Quebec?

The school districts operated 2,670 public schools, including 1,895 primary schools, 576 general or professional secondary schools, and 199 combined primary and secondary schools.

How do Quebec high schools rank in academic performance?

The Vancouver-based think-tank ranks Quebec public and private high schools annually, on two separate lists, based on academic performance. According to the report, issued Friday, three public English-language schools in Quebec made the top ten list — and three English-language schools were rated at the bottom of the pile.

How do Nova Scotia and Quebec rank on education and skills?

Quebec and Nova Scotia both earn “C” grades on their overall Education and Skills report card. While the two provinces perform well on some indicators, weak performance on others pulls down their overall ranking.

What are school reports and rankings?

It also shows whether the school’s results are improving, declining, or just staying steady over the most recent five years. School reports and rankings are available for elementary and secondary schools in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, and for secondary schools in Quebec.

How does quequebec rank among Canada’s comparator jurisdictions?

Quebec earns a “C” overall, ranking 10th among the 26 comparator jurisdictions. Quebec’s performance on the 23 indicators is uneven.