What is Swanstone solid surface made of?

What is Swanstone solid surface made of?

What is the Swanstone material? This product is manufactured from our solid surface material, Swanstone, which is a compression-molded, thermoset material consisting of a blend of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcement additives.

What are Swanstone countertops?

Swanstone countertops are a durable solid surface countertop option that is made from a modified acrylic and natural materials. The countertops are available in a range of more subdued colors, from white to sand to black.

Where is Swanstone made?

Centralia, Illinois
Swan’s manufacturing facility is in Centralia, Illinois. We proudly manufacture our products in America’s heartland.

What is Veritek material made of?

The surround is not made of Swanstone, but their proprietary material called Veritek, which is practically an exact match to Swanstone. It’s a compression-molded composite material like a very sturdy plastic.

What is the difference between veritek and Swanstone?

Because of its mold and mildew resistance, Veritek is used in applications where water is present. Swanstone products manufactured with Veritek are bathtubs, bath and shower wall combination sets, shower doors, utility sinks and basins.

Is Swan and Swanstone the same?

Since 1964, Swan has been a leader in creating innovative and affordable solid surfacing products. Decades later, Swanstone, a revolutionary and compression-molded solid surface material was introduced. The Swan line has since expanded to include kitchen sinks, countertops, bathtub walls and shower walls and more.

What material is Swanstone?

Swanstone is a solid surface created by the compression of a plastic compound into molds. Click to see full answer. Moreover, what is Swanstone made of? The Swanstone Formula Swanstone sinks are composed of a proprietary blend of polymers and pigments, with aluminum trihydrate (ATH) as a filler ingredient.

What is Swanstone Veritek?

Swanstone Veritek is a compression-molded material manufactured exclusively by the Swan Corporation of St. Louis. The non-porous material is mold and mildew resistant, has no surface coating and with molded color throughout, is impervious to chipping and cracking. credit: Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images.

What is Swanstone made from?

Quick Answer. Swanstone is a cast polymer made from a mix of acrylics, minerals and pigments. It is formed into the desired shape, such as a bathroom shower panel, sink or countertop.

What are solid surface counter-tops?

Solid-surface countertops consist of mineral dust (mostly marble) mixed with a variety of plastic resins and pigments . Solid surface’s main appeal is that it is easy to fabricate and can create invisibly seamed countertops.