What is sumo wrestling?

What is sumo wrestling?

Sumo wrestling is a form of martial art which has its origins in Japan, and is the national sport of the country. In ancient times, it was performed as an entertainment for the Shinto gods. In fact, Sumo retains many of the traditional rituals associated with its religious background even today.

What are the 6 ranks of professional sumo wrestlers?

Understanding the 6 Ranks of Professional Sumo. 1 1. Jonokuchi. Sumo wrestlers start their careers in jonokuchi, the lowest division, after participating in at least one maezumo bout. It’s mostly made 2 2. Jonidan. 3 3. Sandanme. 4 4. Makushita. 5 5. Juryo.

What are the rules of sumo wrestling?

While there are some attack methods that are not allowed, such as gouging the eyes, pulling the hair, using a fist to hit the opponent, which if used will result in the forfeiture of the bout. There are no weight categories in sumo.

How much do Sumo wrestlers get paid?

The average salary of a professionally ranked sekitori sumo wrestler is one million yen or 8,800 USD per month, plus additional perks and prize money. Juryo wrestlers compete 15 times per tournament, compared to the 7 bouts of the former ranks. Makuuchi ranked wrestlers in the opening ceremony | © Simon Q/WikiCommons 6.