What is SSI in z/VM?

What is SSI in z/VM?

With z/VM 7.1, SSI is now included as part of the base. SSI enhances the z/VM systems management, communications, disk management, device mapping, virtual machine definition management, installation, and service functions to enable multiple z/VM systems to share and coordinate resources within a Single System Image structure.

What is IBM z/VM clustering?

IBM® z/VM® 6.2 introduces significant changes to z/VM in the form of multi-system clustering technology allowing up to four z/VM instances in a single system image (SSI) cluster. This technology is important, because it offers clients an attractive alternative to vertical growth by adding new z/VM systems.

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What devices are used in SSI clusters?

All SSI clusters use ISFC for intra-cluster communication and live guest relocation. ISFC uses CTC devices. For maximum throughput, when you are setting up your network, follow the guidelines for planning your network in an SSI cluster located in the z/VM: Getting Started with Linux on System z, chapter 2.

How do I prepare for a SSI cluster?

To plan and prepare, we encourage you to familarize yourself by referring to the following publications: z/VM: Getting Started with Linux on z Systems and the z/VM: CP Planning and Administration publications. An SSI cluster must have direct logical links between all systems.

How many GB is the IBM ds8870 model 961?

The IBM 2424 DS8870 Model 961 features a 2-core to 16-core processor, 129 TB to 1.4 TB physical capacity, 144 to 1536 disk drives, 32 GB to 1 TB processor memory, 4 to 16 host adapters, and 0 or 1 to 3 96E attach.