What is soul gauge in Soul Calibur?

What is soul gauge in Soul Calibur?

The Soul Gauge is a colored gem beside the characters’ HP Gauge in Soulcalibur IV. The gem changes color when the player guards and is attacked. The color gradually changes from blue to green and eventually to red and then flashing red.

Which Soul Calibur has Yoda in it?

Soulcalibur IV
Soulcalibur IV contains a roster of 34 fighters. Many characters from the Soul series returning, with 2 newcomers and 3 guest characters from The Star Wars franchise (Darth Vader, Yoda and The Apprentice).

How do you get soul charge?

To do a Soul Charge, press back and all three attack buttons at the same time. Your character should summon up a burst of energy and push the opponent away, and the Critical Meter will glow to signal that they’re in Soul Charge mode.

How do you do a critical finish in Soulcalibur?

The Critical Finish is a powerful move introduced in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. However, in Soulcalibur V it is replaced with the Critical Edge. To perform a Critical Finish, the opponent must be in Soul Crush. This is achieved by draining the Soul Gauge using attacks and guard impact until the gauge flashes red.

What are the basic moves in Soul Calibur 4?

Soul Calibur IV Guide – The Basics. The basis of each character’s move list is comprised of the following: Horizontal Attack (A), Vertical Attack (B), Kick (K), and Guard (G). When discussing moves, button inputs are referred to by the letter that corresponds to the action.

How do I perform a critical finish?

To execute a Critical Finish, first your opponent’s Soul Gauge and health bar must be flashing red, at which point subsequent blocks put them at risk of a Soul Crush.

How do you use Soul Crush in the X360?

Right after the Soul Crush, press all of the face buttons (A B K G) simultaneously (the button combination can be set to one of the shoulder buttons for ease of use, and is initially on the default control scheme (LB on X360, L1 on PS3)) to trigger the finisher. After a short video sequence, the initiator will win the round.