What is Scala Rider Q3?

What is Scala Rider Q3?

The Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Multiset is a Bluetooth intercom system, designed for motorcyclists, to keep you safely connected whilst on the road. These two pre-paired Scala Rider Q3 devices form a rider-to-passenger or rider-to-rider intercom, allowing free communication via Bluetooth between the two devices.

How do I pair my Scala Rider Q3?

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone/GPS/MP3 player.

  1. Check the scala rider is in Standby (single BLUE flash every 3 seconds).
  2. To pair Bluetooth Channel 1 – press “V+” for at least 5 seconds until the RED and BLUE LEDs begin rapidly alternating.

How do I pair my scala rider G4?

Turn on your phone and make sure its Bluetooth function is activated. Turn on your G4 by pressing the Mobile Button for at least four seconds resulting in three blue flashes. 2. With the G4 turned ON, press and hold the Mobile Button for at least six seconds until the Red and Blue Lights begin rapidly alternating.

How do I put Scala Rider Q1 in pairing mode?

On the Q1, press and hold the “IC” button for 5 seconds. The LED will begin flashing RED and the Q1 will now be in intercom pairing mode.

Are Sena and Cardo compatible?

Pairing to other Bluetooth helmet kits (including Cardo) Open your internet browser and go to: Sena.com. This will have unlocked the universal pairing feature. …

How do I join a group Cardo?

When the voice-assisted menu reaches “Advanced Features”, tap or use VOX. When the voice-assisted menu reaches “Join a Pack”, tap or use VOX. After successfully joining the group, the LED flashes purple.

What is the Cardo Scala Q3 multiset?

The Q3 Multiset also offers music sharing which is yet another new feature from Cardo Scala Systems. The technological side of every motorcycle rider’s world stopped when Cardo Scala finally released the Rider Q3 intercom system.

How to charge Scala riderrider®Q3/Q3 multiset™?

2 3 | scala riderrider®Q3 / Q3 MultiSet Q3 / Q3 MultiSet™ scala rider®Q3 / Q3 MultiSet™ | 3 2. CHARGING THE BATTERY Make sure that your scala rider is fully charged for at least 4 hours before initial use. Charging with the wall charger is faster than via a computer USB port. • RED LED ON – Charging • RED LED OFF – Charging complete

Is the Scala rider Q3 the best intercom system for motorcycles?

If there is a motorcycle intercom system that can capture your interest right at the minute you saw it and even manage to increase it once you get your hands on it, it would have to be the Scala Rider Q3. Let us discuss some of the most-loved features of the Scala Rider Q3:

How do I Pair my Scala rider Q3 with my Bluetooth device?

To pair a GPS, when LEDs begin rapidly alternating, tap . 4. Search for Bluetoothdevices on your phone/GPS/MP3 player by following the device’s instructions. 5. After a few seconds the device will list “scala rider Q3 ”. Select it. 6. If prompted for a PIN or Passkey, enter 0000 (four zeros). 7.