What is Ryu?

What is Ryu?

URBAN ATHLETIC APPAREL. At RYU, we set out to create technical, high-performance urban athletic apparel that is built around you: the individual. We understand that everyone’s universe is unique, with different needs. Our apparel enhances your universe by respecting the person inside…it’s all in our name after all – Respect Your Universe (RYU).

What to do in Hyuga in Japan?

Okuragahama, one of Hyuga`s many beaches. Hyuga ( 日向) is a small but prominent port city in northern Miyazaki prefecture, famous for its beaches, surfing, and natural beauty. Dispite its small size, it has a long and varied history. It makes an excellent trip for those visiting Miyazaki or other parts of Kyushu in Japan .

Where are the roadside stations in Hyuga?

Michi no Eki (Roadside Stations) Hyuga has 2 “Roadside stations”: One in Togo and another between Central Hyuga and Mimitsu near Sun Park. These are local visitor centers, rest stops, and souvenir shops all rolled into one.

Why is Hososhima so important to Hyuga?

With its port protected on either side by large mountains, Hososhima (Hyuga’s major port) has served as a gateway to the rest of the prefecture since ancient times.