What is RSK (RSK)?

What is RSK (RSK)?

RSK is the most secure smart contract network in the world and enables decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network to empower people and improve the quality of life of millions.

What is rsrsk?

RSK is the first open source Smart Contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network. RSK adds value and expand functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing smart contracts and greater scalability. The decentralized protocols are the technology of the future, and education plays a key role in the adoption of this technology.

What is the N-terminal sequence of rsk3?

RSK3 encodes a novel pp90rsk isoform with a unique N-terminal sequence: growth factor-stimulated kinase function and nuclear translocation. Mol.

What is the difference between rsk1/2/3/4 and MSK 1/2?

While RSK1/2/3/4 and MSK1/2 are composed of two nonidentical kinase domains, the MNKs and MK2/3/5 are single-headed kinases that display homology to the CTKD of RSKs and MSKs. The NTKDs of the RSKs and MSKs are members of the AGC family of kinases, which also includes Akt, PKA, and PKC.