What is RSG certificate?

What is RSG certificate?

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) for NSW or RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) for the other states is a certificate that allows you to work in gambling establishments such as pubs or racecourses.

What is required for responsible conduct of gaming RCG?

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling course focuses on harm minimisation requirements, detection of problem gambling, the proper communication with and management of patrons using gaming machines, and ensuring that minors (people under 18 years of age) are not permitted to use the gaming machines.

What is meant by responsible gambling?

What does it mean to gamble responsibly? Gambling responsibly means taking breaks, not using gambling as a source of income, only gambling with money that you can afford to lose, and setting limits for yourself (both with time and money).

Can I do RSG online?

RCG/RSG Online You can now do your RSG/RCG online for WA, QLD and NT. This means you can complete the RSG course at home, at our own pace. It is convenient, fast, easy, much cheaper than classroom training and fully accredited.

What is responsible conduct of gaming regulation?

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling (“RCG”) refers to the delivery of gaming and wagering services in a manner that minimises the potential for harm that may be caused by gambling to individuals, their families and the community generally. The focus of RCG is much broader than problem gambling.

How much does RCG cost?

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Location Sydney
RSA $155
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What is the purpose of responsible conduct of gaming?

How do you become a responsible gambler?

We offer our top tips for responsible gambling below, and we strongly advise that you read and follow them.

  1. Treat Gambling as a Form of Entertainment. Only a small percentage of gamblers are consistently profitable.
  2. Have a Fixed Budget to Gamble With.
  3. Set Time Limits & Take Regular Breaks.

How much does an RSG cost?

Most accredited RSG/RCG certification courses cost around $60, so this is not a major expense.

What is the responsible service of gambling certificate?

It is mandatory for certain people involved in Queensland’s liquor and gaming industries to have the appropriate certification in the responsible service of gambling (RSG). The required certification in Queensland is a Statement of Attainment, issued on completion of the national training package competency Provide Responsible Gambling Services.

What are the responsible gaming principles for sports gambling legislation?

NCPG’s Responsible Gaming Principles for Sports Gambling Legislation provide a basis for new regulations and legislation that may be enacted to allow sports betting. The principles will help protect individuals, gaming companies, and legislators by assisting the creation of reasonable efforts to prevent harm and provide treatment.

Does a statement of attainment for provide responsible gambling services expire?

A Statement of Attainment does not expire once obtained, even though the code identifying this course (currently, SITHGAM001) regularly changes. This means that if you hold a Statement of Attainment for Provide Responsible Gambling Services from anytime in the past, it remains current irrespective of the course code.

What is a regulator’s role in gambling regulation?

Regulators have an obligation under the “precautionary principle” to protect the public especially when faced with a brand new and fast-growing gambling-like activity. Organizations like the National Council have a duty to advocate for consumer protection.