What is RosettaNet?

What is RosettaNet?

RosettaNet is a group of leading technology companies that have created and implemented a common set of nonproprietary, XML-based, e-business standards. These standards define how trading partners conduct business through the exchange of business documents over the Internet.

Does Oracle Application Server processconnect support RosettaNet B2B protocol standard?

Oracle Application Server ProcessConnect provides RosettaNet B2B protocol standard support with the B2B adapter. Figure 24-4shows the role of the B2B adapter in a B2B integration. Figure 24-4 Oracle Application Server ProcessConnect in a B2B Integration Text description of the illustration b2bstandards4.gif

What are pips in RosettaNet?

RosettaNet PIPs. The RosettaNet organization creates and maintains Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) to provide common business-process definitions for all RosettaNet message exchanges. Each PIP specification provides a document type definition (DTD) file and a message guideline document. The DTD file defines the service-content message structure.

What is the RosettaNet service content in rnif?

The RosettaNet Service Content is the same in both RNIF 1.1 and RNIF 2.0, except that in RNIF 2.0 it can contain non-RosettaNet content. 2.6.7 Attachments (RNIF 2.0 Only) An RNIF 2.0 Action Message can contain one or more attachments.