What is pywws?

What is pywws?

Python software for USB Wireless Weather Stations. pywws is a collection of Python modules to read, store and process data from popular USB wireless weather stations such as Elecsa AstroTouch 6975, Watson W-8681, WH-1080PC, WH1080, WH1081, WH3080 etc.

What is the plotmaster ™?

The all-in-one PLOTMASTER ™ line of equipment provides today’s wildlife managers an easy and cost-effective way of planting and maintaining wildlife food plots. The PLOTMASTER’s ™ patented design allows you to disc, plow, plant, cover and cultipack all at the same time, thus saving you an enormous amount of time, money and effort.

How do I contact plotmaster Systems LLC?

Call 478 864 9108 or email: [email protected] ‘The Ultimate Planting Machine,’ The Plotmaster™, by Plotmaster Systems LLC., with it’s patented design is the complete package for your plot planting needs. The Plotmaster™ Hunter 400 (4-ft model) will reach places you’ve only dreamed of planting plots.

What can I plant with the plotmaster™?

The PLOTMASTER ™ is also great for maintaining roadways and planting grasses/wild flowers along highways and interstates. The PLOTMASTER ™ with its revolutionary new one-pass planting process saves an enormous amount of time, money, and effort in planting NWSGs (Native Warm Season Grasses) and food plots for wildlife.