What is purple in slang?

What is purple in slang?

PURPLE means “Strong marijuana” So now you know – PURPLE means “Strong marijuana” – don’t thank us. YW! What does PURPLE mean? PURPLE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the PURPLE definition is given.

What is white fire?

Magnesium burns with a white fire. ( photo: Cullan Smith) You can make fire burn with a pure white flame. White is an elusive fire color because the fuel that supports a flame burns with its own characteristic spectrum. But, with a little chemistry know-how, you can get white fire.

What are some quotes in the outsiders?

The Outsiders Quotes

  • “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.”
  • “It seemed funny to me that the sunset she saw from her patio and the one I saw from the back steps was the same one.
  • “They grew up on the outside of society.
  • “You get tough like me and you don’t get hurt.
  • “Sixteen years on the streets and you can learn a lot.

What symbolizes Darry?

Darry, the oldest Curtis boy, has eyes that Ponyboy describes as pale blue-green ice, determined set to them, and that they look cold and hard. Darry’s eyes symbolize him having to become the guardian of the house at a young age, and that he had to grow up too fast.

What is smoke a symbol of?

In art, smoking initially symbolised death, but came later to symbolise modernity, youth and nervous excitement. In literature, smoking is often used to evoke individuality and eccentricity, as is the case with Sherlock Holmes.

What does white smoke symbolize?

White smoke can often mean material is off-gassing moisture and water vapor, meaning the fire is just starting to consume material. White smoke can also indicate light and flashy fuels such as grass or twigs. Grey smoke can indicate that the fire is slowing down and running out of materials to burn.

What causes burning white smoke?

White or light gray smoke is usually associated with paper, straw, leaves, or wood. It is formed of pyrolysis products (gasses, liquids, and tars) that condense to form a fog of tiny droplets that bypass the flame.

What do cigarettes symbolize in the outsiders?

Cigarettes symbolize the Greasers’ lifestyle. Greasers usually started smoking at an early age. Smoking made them feel older and helped them to fit in to the group. It became a habit and was used as a way of staying calm.

What does white smoke mean in a dream?

Dreaming of white smoke means that someone will honor you. You will get the chance that you could only dream of before. You will get the offer to work or study with someone extremely appreciated in your professional filed.

What do eyes symbolize in the outsiders?

The author describes Darry’s eyes as being “cold as ice.” This symbolizes his personality towards Ponyboy as mean and serious. Unlike Darry, Dally’s blue eyes symbolize his hatred for the world. His eyes are like “blazing ice,” and full of hatred for the world.

Why does Cherry not talk to ponyboy at school?

However, Cherry explains to Ponyboy, “if I see you in the hall at school or someplace and don’t say hi, well, it’s not personal or anything.” The reason she can’t be seen talking to Ponyboy at school is because of the unwritten social rules of class.

What is the cigarette a symbol of?


What are Johnny’s injuries?

What are Johnny’s injuries? He has a broken neck and 3rd degree burns. He has a broken leg and 2nd degree burns.

Why do I attract smoke?

Heat rises, and as warm air rises, the cool air from the surrounding area comes in to replace the rising air. So, when one combines the “blockage of cool inbound air” with the habit of a rising air mass following vertical structures, someone standing near a campfire (and being warmed by it) does attract smoke.

What are Sodapops thoughts?

Sodapop is a very happy-go-lucky person who is very optimistic. However, he also has a sensitive and caring personality. He showed this the night when he bolted from the house when Ponyboy and Darry were fighting. Overall, Soda has a very interchanging personality that is a combination of happiness and sensitivity.

What do cigarettes symbolize in literature?

In certain literature, a cigarette may signify rebellion. However, most of the time it will signify the creation of confusion, and depending on the character with a cigarette and his/her character, could be labeled as malicious. Smoke is often related to confusion.

Is white smoke dangerous?

Background: White smoke inhalation is an uncommon but potentially deadly cause of acute lung injury. No clinical spectrum or treatment protocol have been developed.

What are sunsets a symbol of in the outsiders?

Sunsets and sunrises in The Outsiders represent the beauty and goodness in the world, particularly after Johnny compares the gold in the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” to the gold of the sunrises and sunsets Ponyboy enjoys.

What does pink smoke mean?

A group of women who say they are priests launched pink smoke from a balcony overlooking the square on Wednesday to demand female ordination. Their protest is a play on the smoke signals sent from the Sistine Chapel to indicate whether the cardinals assembled therein have agreed on a new pope.

What does purple smoke mean?

The violet-colored smoke grenade was used in-theater because of its vivid color; previously it was only used in the United States for training. When a ground element popped smoke to identify its location to aircraft, the aircraft was not told the color, but told to identify the color they saw.

What does yellow smoke mean?

Yellow smoke is indicative of highly potent cannabis.