What is polycom RealPresence collaboration Server?

What is polycom RealPresence collaboration Server?

Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server breaks down barriers to video collaboration with broad support for existing and emerging standards, protocols, applications, devices and interoperability between unified communications (UC) environments.

What is Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager?

Polycom® RealPresence® Resource Manager is the essential management component of Polycom® RealPresence Clariti™ so you can centrally manage all of your Polycom- enabled devices from smartphones, tablets and laptops to desktop and conference phones all the way through your largest video conferencing room systems and …

What versions of the Polycom RealPresence collaboration server system are available?

The Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server system is available in an Appliance Edition (for use with a Polycom Rack Server) and a Virtual Edition (packaged as software only).

How do I register with the Polycom community?

To register with the Polycom Community, simply create a Polycom online account. When logged in, you can access Polycom support personnel and participate in developer and support forums to find the latest information on hardware, software, and partner solutions topics.

When will I receive the open source software from Polycom?

You may receive the open source software from Polycom up to three (3) years after the distribution date of the applicable product or software at a charge not greater than the cost to Polycom of shipping or distributing the software to you.

How do I configure the IP for RealPresence collaboration server 1800?

The IP is configured through Fast Configuration Wizard. This is required for RealPresence Collaboration Server 2000/4000 systems only. For RealPresence Collaboration Server 1800, this IP is the same as the Media Card IP Address and defined by the Media Card IP address.