What is PDU E Xpert?

What is PDU E Xpert?

PDU e XPERT innovation in power management. PDU eXpert UK Ltd is a proven innovator of power manufacturing and power management solutions, with all in one IP PDU solutions for data centers of all sizes.

What is pdpdu expert?

PDU eXpert solutions can be configured to allow Data Centres Managers to measure power consumption at the outlet, power strip and rack level. Our solutions allow to securely power cycle and power on/off hung servers or devices remotely – from outside your Data Centre server farm, or remote location.

What is a metered power distribution unit (PDU)?

CyberPower Metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide network-grade power distribution. Each Metered PDU has a digital LCD meter for real-time load monitoring. Series features include durable metal housing, horizontal/vertical mounting, switch-free design, network-grade plugs and outlets, a power cord, and a cord retention tray.

What is a switched PDU and how does it work?

A Switched PDU allows for remote management, monitoring of PDU vitals, and control of outlets and networked clients. Power status can be monitored over the network, using the CyberPower Management Console and the RJ45 Ethernet port, or locally by using the digital LCD meter.