What is Oromia Media Network?

What is Oromia Media Network?

Oromia Media Network (OMN) is a US-based nonprofit television station, broadcasting in Oromo language. The headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. News Videos are available online. Millions of Oromos now have the chance to enjoy quality media focusing on the needs and aspirations of the Oromo people.

Who are the Oromo people of Minnesota?

While Oromo people make up Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, with over 36 million people, they have struggled for land rights and human rights for centuries. The Oromo population in Minnesota is upwards of 40,000 people and has been a hotspot for recent Oromo protests.

Why is Oromo not an official language in Ethiopia?

The Oromo language is the most-spoken language in Ethiopia, yet Oromo is not recognized as an official federal language in the country. While in the last 150 years, Ethiopia has been celebrated for resisting white supremacist colonization, the country has continued to suffer through ethnic violence.

The Oromia Media Network (OMN) is an nonprofit news enterprise whose mission is to produce original and citizen-driven reporting on Oromia, the largest and most populous state in Ethiopia.

What is Oromo stories?

Our mission is to tell Oromo stories unapologetically; and to inform, educate and entertain our audiences about issues that matter to the Oromo people, from the Oromo perspective, and in a manner that is balanced, credible and truthful.

What is Oromia 11?

Oromia 11 is a media that belongs to the Oromo people. We shall remain accountable to our people, protecting their interest and maintaining their trust throughout our programming. Oromia 11 affirms its responsibility to tell Oromo stories unapologetically and fairly while maintaining accuracy, integrity and balance.