What is Nvidia GK208?

What is Nvidia GK208?

NVIDIA’s GK208 GPU uses the Kepler 2.0 architecture and is made using a 28 nm production process at TSMC. With a die size of 87 mm² and a transistor count of 1,020 million it is a very small chip. GK208 supports DirectX 12 (Feature Level 11_0). For GPU compute applications, OpenCL version 3.0 and CUDA 3.5 can be used.

What are the different Nvidia models?


  • GEFORCE GTX 1080. 1080 Ti / 1080.
  • GEFORCE GTX 1070. 1070 Ti / 1070.
  • GEFORCE GTX 1060. 6GB / 3GB.
  • GEFORCE GTX 1050. 1050 Ti / 1050.

How old is the GeForce 710?

GeForce 700 (7xx) series

Model Launch Clock speeds
Base core clock (MHz)
GeForce GT 705 March 27, 2014 874
GeForce GT 710 January 29, 2016 954
GeForce GT 720 March 27, 2014 797

Does my GPU have Nvenc?

The first sign of knowing whether your PC supports these features is to go into Studio and check Settings: Streaming for Hardware Encoding, then check Settings: Advanced for Hardware Decoding. If these options do not appear in these menus, then, unfortunately, you do not have the supported hardware.

Can GT710 run 4K?

The best the GT 710 can do is 4K 30FPS with no subsampling. However, even with subsampling at 4K60 if you were planning to watch videos at that frame rate, it won’t really matter because a lot of videos are encoded with 4:2:0 anyway.

Is the GT710 good?

The Nvidia GT 710 is an absolute powerhouse of a GDDR5 GPU, it is a solid graphics card, that is still in high demand for its ability to still run great PC Games from the past.