What is Nowruz Haft Sin?

What is Nowruz Haft Sin?

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Haft Sin (Haft Seen) is a traditional custom in the New Year holiday of Iranian known as Nowruz. “Seen”( س in Persian) is the fifteenth letter of the Persian alphabet; meaning “The Seven Seens” in Persian a “Haft Seen” is a symbolic spread.

What does Haft Seen symbolize?

So what is Sofreh Haft Seen all about? Every single item symbolizes something. Haft Seen in Farsi means seven “S.” The spread must have seven items that in Farsi begin with the letter “s,” specifically the letter “seen.” The Persian New Year, Norouz coincides with the Spring Equinox.

What is on a Haftseen?

Painted eggs are often used to represent fertility. Haftseen tables can also include a Quran, a book of poetry, a mirror and candles (reflecting into the future), a goldfish swimming in a bowl (representing life), painted eggs (representing fertility), and all kinds of sweets and fruits.

Do you eat Sabzeh?

And yes, ch-ch-ch-chia pets still exist. Sabzeh is one of the seven ‘s’ foods. The sprouted herbs symbolize the rebirth and renewal of the season. Another ‘s’ item is serkeh (vinegar), which represents age and the patience that comes with it.

What is Senjed in Farsi?

Senjed (Dried Fruit of the Lotus Tree): Representing love. Somagh (Sumac): Representing the spice of life. Samanoo (Sweet Pudding made with germinated wheat): Representing the reward of patience.

What should I wear to Nowruz?

Wear something formal. Most Iranians wear their new cloth, but you can wear pants and a blouse or a dress.

Why do Persians buy goldfish?

Iranians have long celebrated Norouz and the arrival of spring by displaying live goldfish among the symbols of perpetual life on their holiday tables. Activists say the deaths of so many goldfish flies in the face of Norouz and its accompanying theme of the rebirth of nature.

What does Haft-sin stand for?

Haft-sin (Persian: هفت‌سین‎; “seven [items beginning with the letter] sin (S)”), also spelled as Haft-seen, is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter sin in the Persian alphabet.

What is Haft Mēwa?

In Afghanistan, people prepare Haft Mēwa ( Persian: هفت‌میوه ‎) (literally translates as Seven Fruits) in addition to or instead of Haft Seen which is common in Iran. Haft Mewa is like a fruit salad made from seven different dried fruits, served in their own syrup.

What is the meaning of “hafthaft seen” in Farsi?

Haft Seen in Farsi means seven “S.” The spread must have seven items that in Farsi begin with the letter “s,” specifically the letter “seen.” 1. Somagh (sumac) : symbolizes the color of sunrise 2. Serkeh (vinegar): symbolizes age and patience

What are the different types of Haft-Seen items?

Other symbolic items that are typically used to accompany Haft-seen include a mirror, candles, painted eggs, a bowl of water, goldfish, coins, hyacinth, and traditional confectioneries.