What is Nextscript?

What is Nextscript?

It is also extremely customizable, but we found one thing lacking in terms of customization: The ability to fine-grain control the loading scripts on a page. NOTE: This component requires a version of next that does not use webpack 4 (currently <= 6.1.

Is NextJS good for SEO?

Most importantly, I’ve found that NextJS is very SEO-friendly. This framework allows you to utilise server-side rendering, which not only makes your apps and websites load considerably faster, but also makes your React websites much easier for search engines to crawl.

How do I import heads into NextJS?

Open up ‘_app. js’ file, import and add Head component into the main App component. We now see that in both ‘/author’ and other routes are now having the title and the meta tags.

What is _document in NextJS?

To override that default behavior, you must create a file at ./pages/_document. js , where you can extend the Document class. Note: _document. js is only rendered on the server side and not on the client side. so event handlers like onClick is not going to work.

Is not defined NextJS?

NextJS is a framework that allows you to build Static and Server Side Rendered Apps. It uses NodeJS to render your application and window is not defined in NodeJS. That means that we need to be careful that our code that accesses the window object is not run in NodeJS.

Is next JavaScript a spa?

Implementation. For highly interactive “dashboard-style” SaaS development, the dominant paradigm is still the SPA. Unfortunately Next. js ships with its own built-in page-based routing system, whereas the typical SPA relies on client-side routing, typically using a library like react-router.

How add next JS in Google Analytics?

To setup Google analytics with NextJS using Typescript

  1. Create a Google analytics project and get Measurement ID.
  2. In your NextJS project, create /lib/gtag. ts file and add your Google Measurement ID:

Where do meta tags go NextJS?

The meta description attribute should be placed inside the head section of the page. And it’s best to keep meta descriptions to less than 160 characters in length.

What is _APP in NextJS?

Use _app. js to extend react applications in Next. js you’ll most likely need to override the global App component to get access to some features like persisting state, or global layouts. This can be done by creating a file _app. js directly in the ./pages/ folder.

What does _APP js do in NextJS?

_app. js : This is a custom component that resides in the pages folder. Next. js uses this component to initialize pages.