What is nano?

What is nano?

Nano is a digital currency for everyone, without fees. It doesn’t cost anything to send nano, making it practical and inclusive for all the world. Without relying on mining, printing or minting, nano is a sustainable solution to money. You don’t have to wait to use digital currency, nano is ready when you are.

How do I install Nano on my System?

If you don’t have nano installed on your system, you can install it using the package manager of your distribution. To open an existing file or to create a new file, type nano followed by the file name:

What is nano SVG editor?

We created one of the most advanced SVG editor in the cloud at vecta.io, but were frustrated to find lots of obstacles when using SVG images on the web. To make using SVG images as easy as any other format, we created Nano. Our goals are to have the smallest file size, and yet retain SVG’s advantages of high quality rendering on all devices.