What is MGMA?

What is MGMA?

With a membership of more than 60,000 medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders, MGMA represents more than 15,000 group medical practices ranging from small private medical practices to large national health systems representing more than 350,000 physicians. This was my first time attending an MGMA conference.

What is the meaning of magma?

Definition of magma 1 archaic : dregs, sediment 2 : a thin pasty suspension (as of a precipitate in water) 3 : molten rock material within the earth from which igneous rock results by cooling 1 : a crude mixture of mineral or organic matter in the state of a thin paste

What does it cost to be a MGMA member?

Today, MGMA membership is comprised of more than 6,600 individuals who have attained CMPE or ACMPE Fellow status or who seek certification. Total medical revenue after operatir4 costs among primary care single-special ty practices was highest in the Midwest at just over $199,000 per physician, the South lowest at $54,000, according to the MGMA.

Why join MGMA datadive?

Understand the past and present to propel your practice into the future. Make informed decisions for your practice through insights and benchmarks from industry-leading data analysis, reports and surveys. Join thousands of healthcare professionals in contributing your data to MGMA surveys. Benchmark the data in MGMA DataDive.