What is Metis?

What is Métis?

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) has been critical of this definition of Métis, asserting that it excludes “many people who have legitimate claims to Métis identity.” Despite CAP’s stance, the MNC’s position is the one that has generally been adopted by federal and provincial governments and the courts.

What organizations did the Métis have in the 1960s?

In the late 1960s, Métis political activity intensified with the founding of numerous other organizations, such as the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Ontario Métis and Non-Status Indian Association, and the Louis Riel Métis Association of BC.

What has Métis done for Aboriginal peoples?

In the 1970s, alongside their Non-Status Indian counterparts, Métis organizations were successful in developing programming that provided social, economic and educational supports for Aboriginal peoples.

What is the Métis homeland?

The MNC defines the Métis homeland as the three Prairie provinces and parts of Ontario, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the northern United States. Members of the Métis Nation have a common culture, ancestral language (Michif), history and political tradition, and are connected through an extensive network of kin relations.

The term Métis has its source in a Latin word meaning mixing, weaving. The adjective “métissé” was in fact used first in New France in the 17th century, but it had already taken the form of a noun in the early 18th century, as well as other names, such as mixed-blood, chicot, burnt-wood, Canayen, etc.

What is the Métis Council of Ontario?

We are a council of volunteers who support Métis citizens, host council meetings, and plan community events for our area. The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is the government of Métis people and communities in Ontario, visit the website here. Métis people who are residents of Ontario can file an application for MNO citizenship.

What does the MNO do for Métis people?

In order to carry out the work outlined in The Statement of Prime Purpose, the MNO established a province-wide infrastructure to deliver programs and services for Métis people in Ontario. Healing and Wellness program is part of the Grand River Métis Council. See a full list and locations of MNO programs and services here.

What was the purpose of the three Metis regiments?

From the military-trained Metis from across the country, three Metis regiments were created and funded by the NWC to protect the essential national trade routes and depots of lake Athabasca, the forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, and the areas around Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie.