What is Masafi water?

What is Masafi water?

Water. Fresh, bottled drinking water from Masafi, a UAE-based company established in 1976. A premium source for pure drinking water in the region, Masafi also offers a wide range of premium products from pure natural mineral water, fresh and natural juices, chips, basmati rice and world-class tissues.

Is masafi a mineral water?

Masafi labels itself ‘pure natural mineral water’ but infact it’s drinking water. Spring water; underground water which is intended for human consumption in its natural state, and bottled at the source.

What is masafi famous for?

Masafi is famous in the United Arab Emirates for its natural springs, and the Gulf’s leading mineral water producer (named after the town) is nearby. For travelers, though, it’s mostly known for its local market, with stalls lining the main Dubai-Fujairah Road on the edge of town.

Who owns Al Ain Water?

Agthia Group
Al Ain Water is one of UAE’s leading bottled water brands. Al Ain Water is produced by the Abu Dhabi based Al Ain Food & Beverages PJSC, an Agthia Group company, which is one of the region’s leading food & beverage companies.

Who owns Mai Dubai?

DEWA owns 99% of the shares in Mai Dubai however it remains an independently operated Limited Liability Company….Mai Dubai.

Type Limited Liability Company
Key people Alexander van ‘t Riet (CEO) Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer (Chairman)
Products Bottled Water
Revenue 275 million
Website www.maidubaiwater.com

What’s special in Fujairah?

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