What is LMR zoning Brisbane?

What is LMR zoning Brisbane?

A residential subdivision, i.e.: one lot into two (splitter block); In Brisbane, this is referred to as an LMR site (low-to-medium residential).

What is the Brisbane City Plan?

Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) is Brisbane City Council’s plan for the future development of Brisbane. The plan guides how land in Brisbane is used and developed. It also helps plan for infrastructure to support growth and protect our way of life.

What is emerging community zoning Brisbane?

The Emerging Community zone code provides for the development of small scale and low impact rural activities and other compatible low impact uses until such time as there is a need for the land to be developed for urban activities.

What zone is Brisbane City?

In South East Queensland, the zones start from zone 1 in the Brisbane CBD. The Cairns and Townsville CBDs are within a special zone, zone 20. Travel to or from zone 20 is treated as an additional zone. In Mackay the maximum number of zones you can travel is 12.

What is Stca in real estate?

STCA means ‘Subject to Council Approval’.

What is local planning scheme?

A local planning scheme is a document that the community, the development industry and governments all look to in order to understand the local government plan for managing growth and change, including what sort of development they can expect in a local area.

What is the Queensland Development Code?

Queensland development code – Queensland The QDC consolidates all Queensland specific building standards into a single document. The QDC prescribes mandatory standards as well as model standards that local governments may adopt in their planning schemes and modify to suit their local circumstances.

What is Zone R1 mean?

In the city of Los Angeles, for example, single-family zoning is known as R1 — meaning one residential unit on a lot. Nearly two-thirds of all the residences in California are single-family homes.

What is an emerging community zone?

(1) The purpose of the Emerging Community Zone is to: (a) identify land that is intended for an urban purpose in the future; and (b) protect land that is identified for an urban purpose in the future from incompatible uses; and (c) provide for the timely conversion of non-urban land to land for urban purposes.

What zone is Northgate?

Northgate railway station is located on the North Coast line in Queensland, Australia….Northgate railway station, Brisbane.

Station code 600407 (platform 1) 600408 (platform 2) 600409 (platform 3) 600410 (platform 4)
Fare zone go card 1/2
Website Queensland Rail

Where can I find zoning maps in Brisbane?

City Plan provides zoning maps for all land within the Brisbane City Council area. Zoning maps are included to show the different zones over land in Brisbane. Zones show how different land uses that are preferred or accepted in an area fit together. Zones can be further divided into precincts.

It guides how land can be used and developed in Brisbane to support population growth, while protecting our way of life. Land in Brisbane is divided into zones. These zones guide the land use or type of development that may occur on a site. City Plan further divides some zones into numbered zone precincts.

What is residential zoning in city plan?

Residential zones Residential zoning provides for a variety of housing choices to meet community needs now and in the future. City Plan divides residential land into zones. These zones identify where different types of housing can occur.

What are Council’s residential zones?

Council’s residential zones include: environmental management. Overlay maps include different features you must consider when developing land. For example, flooding, heritage and character. Overlay maps are available in Council’s City Plan online mapping tool.