What is lire in present tense?

What is lire in present tense?

The irregular verbs dire, lire, and écrire have similar conjugations. Listen carefully to the forms of these verbs in the present tense….support Tex.

lire ‘to read’
je lis nous lisons
tu lis vous lisez
il/elle/on lit ils/elles lisent
past participle : lu

What is a present tense verb in French?

The present tense in French grammar (le présent) corresponds to the English simple present. To conjugate a verb in the French present tense, we add specific endings to the infinitive of the verb depending on whether it ends in -er, -ir or -re.

How do you convert French verbs into present tense?

To form the present tense of an -re verb, drop the -re of the infinitive, like you do for -er and -ir verbs. When you do that, you’re left with the stem for the conjugation of the present tense, and you can add the present tense endings specific to -re verbs: -s, -s, nothing, -ons, -ez, -ent.

Is the French verb lire regular?

Lire, “to read,” is an irregular French -re verb. Some -er verbs, despite being irregular still follow certain patterns, such as prendre (to take) and battre (to beat) or verbs that end in -aindre, -eindre, and -oindre.

What is the imperfect tense of lire in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
il lit lisait
nous lisons lisions
vous lisez lisiez
ils lisent lisaient

What is the perfect tense of lire?

lire: Conjugation

Present Perfect
je lis tu lis il/elle lit nous lisons vous lisez ils/elles lisent Pronounce these verb forms j’ ai lu tu as lu il/elle a lu nous avons lu vous avez lu ils/elles ont lu Pronounce these verb forms
Imperfect Pluperfect

Is lire regular or irregular?

How do you write a present tense sentence in French?

Using the present tense

  • Je bois du thé tous les jours. – I drink tea every day. This is a routine action.
  • En ce moment, j’étudie le français. – At the moment, I’m studying French. This is a current action, something that is happening right now.
  • Elle est très grande. – She is very tall.

Why is present tense used in French?

When to Use the French Present Tense The present tense in French is much like the present tense in English. It’s used for actions that are happening in the present (i.e. actions that are currently happening as a speaker speaks). Further, the present tense can be used for habitual actions.

What are the rules for present tense in French?

To form the present tense of a regular -ir verb, drop the -ir of the infinitive to get the stem for the present tense conjugation. Then add the present tense endings specific to -ir verbs: -is, -is, -it, -issons, -issez, -issent.

What is the future tense of lire?

To listen to the pronunciation of a given tense of lire, click on the loudspeaker icon at the bottom of the table….Future-perfect.

je lirai
tu liras
il/elle lira
nous lirons
vous lirez

What is the meaning of lire in French?

Usage of Lire This section on lire conjugation in the present tense will show you how lire is used in French. Lire means “to read” and is an irregular verb. The way that lire is used in French, is similar to how “to read” is used in English.

How do you pronounce lire conjugations in the present tense?

There are 2 important rules to take into account when you want to pronounce a lire conjugation in the present tense. The je, tu, and il/elle/on verb forms all have the same pronunciation. The -s and –t endings are not pronounced. It is just the “ li ” part that gets pronounced. These verbs are pronounced in the same exact way.

What is the difference between lire and Passe Compose?

The passé composé is a past tense that can be translated as the simple past or the present perfect. For the verb lire, it is formed with the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle lu​. J’ai lu au sujet de tous ces projets. I read about all these projects.

What is the subjunctive mood conjugation of lire?

The subjunctive mood conjugation of lire, which comes in after the expression que + person, looks very much like the present indicative and past imperfect.