What is john Kenneth Galbraith famous for?

What is john Kenneth Galbraith famous for?

John Kenneth Galbraith, (born October 15, 1908, Iona Station, Ontario, Canada—died April 29, 2006, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.), Canadian-born American economist and public servant known for his support of public spending and for the literary quality of his writing on public affairs.

Where did John Kenneth Galbraith go to school?

University of California, Berkeley1934
Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph
John Kenneth Galbraith/Education
Galbraith, John Kenneth Having graduated from Ontario Agricultural College (Guelph) in 1931, Galbraith received a doctorate in agricultural economics at University of California, Berkeley.

Was john Kenneth Galbraith a keynesian?

Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. John Kenneth Galbraith OC (October 15, 1908 – April 29, 2006), also known as Ken Galbraith, was a Canadian-American economist, diplomat, public official, and intellectual. As an economist, he leaned toward post-Keynesian economics from an institutionalist perspective.

How tall was Kenneth Galbraith?

6 feet 8 inches tall
An imposing presence, lanky and angular at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Mr. Galbraith was consulted frequently by national leaders, and he gave advice freely, though it may have been ignored as often as it was taken. Mr. Galbraith clearly preferred taking issue with the conventional wisdom he distrusted.

Why was Milton Friedman important?

He was best known for explaining the role of money supply in economic and inflation fluctuations. By managing the amount of money sloshing through a financial system, Mr. Friedman theorized, central banks could control inflation without making costly mistakes.

Did John Kenneth Galbraith win the Nobel Prize?

THE Nobel award in economics is not given posthumously. So John Kenneth Galbraith, who died last month at 97, will never receive one. Galbraith was the most widely read economist of the 20th century and was also considered one of the most influential.

Where is Milton Friedman from?

Brooklyn, New York, NY
Milton Friedman/Place of birth

I was born July 31, 1912, in Brooklyn, N.Y., the fourth and last child and first son of Sarah Ethel (Landau) and Jeno Saul Friedman. My parents were born in Carpatho-Ruthenia (then a province of Austria-Hungary; later, part of inter-war Czechoslovakia, and, currently, of the Soviet Union).

How tall was Milton Friedman in feet?

5′ 0″
Milton Friedman/Height

What did Galbraith point out in the affluent society?

Galbraith’s title, The Affluent Society, refers to the economic conditions in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. He argues that American society represents a new level of mass economic prosperity never before seen.