What is InstallShield in Visual Studio?

What is InstallShield in Visual Studio?

InstallShield enables you to create, modify, or build your installation from within Microsoft Visual Studio. InstallShield dynamically links your installation project to other Visual Studio project outputs, automatically updating your installation with your latest source files every time your product is built.

Is there a free version of InstallShield?

The best free alternative to InstallShield is Inno Setup, which is also Open Source.

How do I install setup and deployment in Visual Studio 2012?

Edition project from within Microsoft Visual Studio:

  1. On the File menu, point to New and click. Project. The New Project dialog box opens.
  2. In the Installed Templates box, expand the Other. Project Types item, then the Setup and Deployment.
  3. Configure the settings for the name and project location as needed.
  4. Click OK.

How do I use InstallShield?

Creating a transform using InstallShield

  1. Open InstallShield, then select File > New.
  2. Click the Windows Installer tab.
  3. Select Transform, type a name in the Project Name field, such as MyTransform, then click Browse to find to select the location for the transform.
  4. ClickOK.
  5. Click Next.

How do I open InstallShield?

On the File menu, point to Open, and choose Project to display the Open Project dialog. Browse to the InstallShield file you want to open, and select it. Click Open.

What is InstallShield developer?

InstallShield is a proprietary software tool for creating installers or software packages. InstallShield is primarily used for installing software for Microsoft Windows desktop and server platforms, though it can also be used to manage software applications and packages on a variety of handheld and mobile devices.

How do I open InstallShield project?

How do I create a project in Visual Studio 2012?

Creating Visual Studio Package Project Download the Visual Studio 2012 SDK. You should see new project template “Visual Studio Package” after installing SDK. Select C# as our project template belongs to C#. Currently, we don’t need unit test project but they are good to have.

What is InstallShield limited edition?

InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio provides a small subset of the world-class functionality found in our other InstallShield editions. Many of the features our InstallShield customers love are locked and unavailable in your InstallShield Limited Edition.

What happened to InstallShield?

On 1 April 2008, the Macrovision Software Business Unit (including the InstallShield brand) was sold to private equity firm Thoma Cressey Bravo, forming a new company called Acresso Software. In May 2020, Flexera rebranded its software division as Revenera.

How to install Visual Studio?

From Extensions > Manage Extensions, find the extension you want to install. (If you know the name or part of the name…

  • Select Download.The extension is scheduled for install. Your extension will be installed after all instances of Visual…
  • How do I update the Visual Studio installer?

    Update by using the Visual Studio Installer Open the installer. On the Product page in the installer, look for the edition of Visual Studio that you have installed. If an update is available, you see an Update button.

    How do I update Microsoft Visual Studio?

    You can check for an update and then install the update from the menu bar in Visual Studio. Save your work. Choose Help > Check for Updates. When the Update dialog box opens, choose Update Now. The update proceeds as described in the previous section, and then Visual Studio restarts after the update completes successfully.

    Does MSBuild require Visual Studio?

    Visual Studio doesn’t need to be installed. MSBuild is part of the .net SDK. Other .net dependencies will need to be installed though, if you are using them. MSTest , or anything that is part of Team foundation will require Visual Studio installed.