What is FERC Form 1?

What is FERC Form 1?

1 (FERC Form 1) is an annual regulatory requirement for Major electric utilities, licensees and others (18 C.F.R. ยง 141.1). These reports are designed to collect financial and operational information from electric utilities, licensees and others subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

What is FERC Form 556?

556 – Certification of QF Status for Small Power Production and Cogeneration Facilities. In February 1995, the Commission instituted the FERC Form No. 556 filing requirement, which should be included with any application for Commission certification/recertification or notice of self-certification/self-recertification.

What is a FERC account?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates natural gas and hydropower projects and the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity. The core of FERC accounting is the commission’s Uniform System of Accounts, a set of requirements for the way companies maintain their accounting books and records.

How do I find my FERC Form 1?

This file is found in the Form 1 Viewer installation folder (C:\FERC\Form1Viewer by default).

How do I file a FERC?

File in Hardcopy or Digital All official communication to FERC on a specific case or proceeding must be filed using eFiling, mail or delivery services. When filing documents related to existing proceedings and cases, you should include the docket number in your filing.

How do I get FERC Form 2?

Once the application is installed on the client PC, it is accessed through the Start/Programs menu in the FERC Group. There are two sub-items under FERC\Form2View heading named Form 2 Data Download and Form 2 Data Viewer. You must first use the Download application to obtain the database.

What is uniform accounting system?

When several hotels and restaurants follow the same accounting principles and practices, it is called the uniform system of accounting. It simply denotes a situation in which a number of hotel units use the same accounting principles and practices.

How do I file a motion to intervene FERC?

Motions to intervene must be served on any applicant and subsequent submissions by an intervenor must be served on all parties to the proceeding. Contact information for parties can be downloaded from the service list at the eService link on FERC Online. Service can be via email with a link to the document.