What is FACC Texas?

What is FACC Texas?

The FACC Texas acts as a facilitator to develop business connections for its members and is dedicated to furthering business opportunities between Texas and France. Access to major subjects, exchange best practices, connect corporates, startups, research & individuals through events.

Why the FACC network?

The FACC Network builds on strong partnership with keys industry players and business hub. An outstanding Board of Directors of high level French & American executives and business owners. Discover an innovative ecosystem!

Why choose EACC Texas?

EACC Texas – Connect & Accelerate Your EU-US Relationships With Us. Fourth largest metro area in the U.S. Home to 23 Fortune 500 companies, Big Tech, the Federal Reserve Bank, Financial Services, Biotech and The Cowboys. Transportation and Logistics, Defense and Aviation Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Mining & Real Cowboys…

Why FACC community magazine Beyond?

The FACC Community Magazine BEyond is the complement to comprehensive digital communication. You can also read BEyond in digital form. >> Learn more. We want to be the best partner for our customers. We want to be most attractive employer for our employees.