What is Enlightenment in music?

What is Enlightenment in music?

The Enlightenment was a time of change, of development as a society. The ideas of The Enlightenment brought about significant changes in the way music was written. Music began to become natural and pleasing to the human senses, especially during the Classical Period, the era of Mozart and Beethoven.

What does Galant style mean in music?

Definition of galant style : a light and elegant free homophonic style of musical composition in the 18th century with rococo ornamentation as contrasted with the serious fugal style of the baroque era.

What characterizes the classical style?

Main Characteristics Classical music has a lighter, clearer texture than baroque music and is less complex. It is mainly homophonic—melody above chordal accompaniment (but counterpoint by no means is forgotten, especially later in the period).

Which genre was popular during the Enlightenment?

Neoclassicism was the dominant artistic style of the Enlightenment period and drew inspiration from the classical art and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.

What are Beethoven’s achievement?

Recognised as one of the greatest and most influential composers of the Western classical tradition, he defied the onset of deafness from the age of 28 to produce an output that encompasses 722 works, including 9 symphonies, 35 piano sonatas and 16 string quartets.

What does Gelant mean?

: a substance used to produce gelling.

What does the orchestra do during a cadenza?

The term cadenza often refers to a portion of a concerto in which the orchestra stops playing, leaving the soloist to play alone in free time (without a strict, regular pulse) and can be written or improvised, depending on what the composer specifies.

What is the difference between Sonata and concerto?

Sonatas involve singing too while concertos are completely musical. Sonatas are played by solo instrument, usually a piano (keyboard) or one instrument accompanied by a piano. Concertos are played with one solo instrument that is accompanied by a small or large group of orchestra (group of instruments).

What is music in Renaissance period?

The Renaissance followed on from the Middle Ages and was for musicians an era of discovery, innovation and exploration – the name means ‘rebirth’. It covers the music from 1400 to 1600. Most music written during this period is intended to be sung, either as large choral pieces in church or as songs or madrigals.