What is Delita Martin famous for?

What is Delita Martin famous for?

b. 1972 STUDIO IN LITTLE ROCK, AR Delita Martin’s colorful works combine printmaking, drawing, and painting to create images of African American women that serve as icons of strength and community.

Where does delita Martin work?

Formally a member of the fine arts faculty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Martin is currently working as a full-time artist in her studio. Martin’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Who told the stories to Delita Martin that she paints and sews into her artwork?

These life-size, and larger, mixed-media works tap into Martin’s life experiences via stories told by the women in her family — her mother, grandmother, aunts, et al., while she was growing up near Conroe, Texas. Martin heard the stories while she was drawing or helping the women quilt, sew or do other tasks.

What inspires Delita Martin?

Working from Oral traditions, vintage and family photographs as a source of inspiration; Martin’s work explores the power of the narrative impulse. Her process of layering various printmaking, drawing, sewing, collaging, and painting techniques allow her to create a portraits that fuses the real and the fantastic.

Where does Delita Martin live?

Huffman, Texas
Delita Martin is an artist currently based in Huffman, Texas.

When was Delita Martin born?

1972 (age 50 years)
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What techniques does Delita Martin use?

Martin uses a variety of techniques to make her work. In any one piece, she may combine up to six or seven processes, including different methods of printing (collagraph, gelatin, relief), drawing in ink or charcoal and stitching various materials onto the surface of the paper.

Where was Delita Martin born?

Conroe, TX
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What materials does Delita Martin use?