What is Chapter 6 of this Annex?

What is Chapter 6 of this Annex?

Chapter 6 which consist of Regulation 16 describe the role of government and authorised parties such as port state control on measures of control to check, survey and assess the ships to carry the cargo under MARPOL Annex II.

What composes the Annex 6?

The Annex addresses flight operations; performance operating limitations; aeroplane instruments, equipment and flight documents; aeroplane communication and navigation equipment; aeroplane maintenance; flight crew; flight operations officers/flight dispatchers; manuals, logs and records; cabin crew; security; lights to …

What is Annex VI air pollution?

The international air pollution requirements of Annex VI establish limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions and require the use of fuel with lower sulfur content, protecting people’s health and the environment by reducing ozone-producing pollution, which can cause smog and aggravate asthma.

What are the six 6 annexes of Marpol marine pollution and when it was adopted and enter into force?

Adoption: 1973 (Convention), 1978 (1978 Protocol), 1997 (Protocol – Annex VI); Entry into force: 2 October 1983 (Annexes I and II). In 1997, a Protocol was adopted to amend the Convention and a new Annex VI was added which entered into force on 19 May 2005. MARPOL has been updated by amendments through the years.

What are special areas referred by Marpol and list the special areas for each annexes?

For the purpose of Annexe 1, following are the special areas:

  • The Mediterranean sea area.
  • The Baltic sea area.
  • The Black sea area.
  • The Red sea area.
  • The Gulf area.
  • The Gulf of Aden area.
  • The Antarctic Area.
  • The North-West European Waters.

What are the 6 annexes of the US Air Force regulations?

Annex 1Personnel Licensing. Annex 2Rules of the Air. Annex 3Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation. Annex 4Aeronautical Charts. Annex 5Units of Measurement to be Used in Air and Ground Operations. Annex 6Operation of Aircraft. Annex 7Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks. Annex 8Airworthiness of Aircraft.

What is Annex 1 and ICAO training manuals?

Annex 1 and ICAO training manuals describe the skills necessary to build proficiency at various jobs, thereby contributing to occupational competency.

What is Annex 6 of the Convention on international civil aviation?

ANNEX 6 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Operation of Aircraft (Parts I, II and III) The essence of Annex 6, simply put, is that the operation of aircraft engaged in international air transport must be as standardized as possible to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

What are the annexes of the Air Traffic Control Act?

Annex 1 Personnel Licensing Annex 2 Rules of the Air Annex 3 Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation Annex 4 Aeronautical Charts Annex 5 Units of Measurement to be Used in Air and Ground Operations Annex 6 Operation of Aircraft Annex 7 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks Annex 8 Airworthiness of Aircraft Annex 9 Facilitation